Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Muffins & Doughnuts with Will

Will's preschool year is winding down and Rod and I each got to go spend a special day with him at his school this week. Yesterday was "Muffins with Mom." I went up and the kids put on a special hula dance they had learned. Then we had muffins and milk and decorated a picture frame together. It was fun and Will was so excited to show me everything they had done.

Will getting ready to dance with his class.

Showing off his hula costume

Mommy and Will

Then Rod got to go up today for "Doughnuts with Dad." It was pretty much the same as Muffins with Mom, except it was the Dads and they had doughnuts. Rod said he had a good time!

Daddy and Will

Will with his wonderful preschool teacher, Mrs. White.

We will really miss her next year! She was wonderful with Will and he loves her. I hope that he will get a great kindergarten teacher also, but she has big shoes to fill!

I still can't believe that my first little baby is going to Kindergarten next year, but I know that he will do a great job! He is very smart and super creative. He is very excited about school, so I know that he will do a great job! I'm so proud of the big boy he is becoming!

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