Monday, June 28, 2010

My Happy Birthday!

Today was my birthday and it was perfect! The day started off with Rod letting me sleep in a little bit before he had to go to work. I am not a morning person and just the extra 20 minutes was a great gift! He had already surprised me over the weekend with new patio furniture.

Then my sister came over and brought lunch. It was nice to have a meal brought in that I didn't have to prepare for anyone. She and her two daughters ate with us and hung out for a few hours. The kids were so happy having their cousins over, that we didn't have to do anything but watch them play.

Just after they left, the doorbell rang. I went and found a man at the door holding a lovely bouquet of flowers. My husband sent them to me "from the kids." So sweet!

My pretty birthday flowers!!

Then another wonderful sister came over and the hubby and I went out to the Cincinnati Reds game. We got there early to sit and relax and do some good people watching. We ate a gourmet meal of hot dogs (with sauerkraut, of course) a soft pretzel and beer. We know how to live the good life! :0) A friend (and former co-worker) of mine works at the stadium and got us great seats! He also gave me a Birthday Certificate from the Reds.

Not a great picture, but it reads Happy Birthday T.D. Beth. This is short for his old nickname for me, "That D*mn Beth." No, I'm not kidding. He cracks me up. I really do miss my old co-workers.
To top off the evening, the Reds won!! It was a great day spent with all my favorite people.

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  1. Happy birthday! So glad you had a great day!

    And I miss some of my former co-workers as well. I'm still close friends with a couple of them...they're honorary aunts to my girlies...but I miss all the day-to-day office banter. I know I'll have it back soon enough, though, and then I'll be wishing for the solitude of my den! :)