Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bath Time!!!!

When we first tried bathing the quads together, it was a disaster.


We tried again about a month after that. All four babies were soaking happily in the tub, when what should surface? That's right-- someone pooped in the tub. We got all the kids out and Rod took them into our bath tub while I stayed behind to clean the hall bath. A minute later I hear, "Drew just pooped!" Yep, two poopers in one bath. At this point we were out of bath tubs, so the quads had to finish their bath in our stand up shower. I can still picture them all standing in the shower stall shivering and crying. So confused about what is going on. Not a great day.

After the trauma of that, we gave up for a while, but recently have started group baths again and it's great!! The kids love it and it is a good way to wind down the day.

I only have a few photos because with that many kids climbing around in a tub it is tricky to get cute, yet decent, pictures.

Paige is all soaped up!

Julia loves group baths!

Rub-a-dub-dub four babies in a tub


  1. Oh, my goodness...those are the cutest bath pictures ever!

    Bathtime used to be pretty stressful for us, until I started taking a bath with the babes, each individually. Over the past couple of weeks I've been taking a bath with both of them. It's much more streamlined, but it doesn't allow for as much play. On the other hand, the individual baths could be quite drawn out. I can only imagine with 5 that streamlining is important!

    I look forward to bathing the girls together (minus mom), but I'm waiting until they're a little more patient - and don't want to run around the tub (standing up)...at least I hope we get to that point!

  2. Oh, you are brave! We just started doing two and two a few months ago ... can't see how I would be able to handle four at once. Someday! :)

  3. So cute! Sounds like bathing for y'all was like sleeping in the same room for my first two. But hey, third time's a charm!

    Funny, on our vacation I put all 4 of mine in the bathtub at once. First time ever. The picture is adorable - a lot like yours but since my older girls are in there I decided not to post it. Glad it went well! Anything that saves time is a great thing!