Thursday, July 29, 2010

Darn Paparazzi!

Today was a big day for me. Target marked many of their toys down to 75% off. For a stay at home Mom to five kids, this qualifies as an event. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a babysitter, but I was not going to miss out. I loaded up the crew and took them with me. This meant I got there later than planned and things were kind of picked over. It also made it impossible to hold things back as birthday presents for Will. Oh well, I still found some good deals. I bought quite a bit and saved some money. In my book, that qualifies as a good day.

Unfortunately, my good mood did not continue. We got home, I gave the kids lunch and put them down for their nap. Then I sat down to check my email. I got an email from a friend named Gina. Gina told me that a Facebook friend of hers (who I do not know) had taken a picture of me holding Will's hand and pushing the quad stroller into Target. She then posted it on her Fb page with the caption, "Please, don't ever let this be me."

I can not even tell you how I feel right now. Unfortunately, my first reaction was vanity. I really wished I had taken a moment to fix my hair instead of just pulling it back into a ponytail. But you know what? I was going to shop the clearance aisles at Target with my family, I didn't really think I needed to get ready for my close-up!

Then I felt anger and outrage. Never let her have five wonderful children to love and adore? Fine, she doesn't deserve them! Not that it matters, but, for the record, my children were very good while we were out. It's not like they were crying and screaming or behaving terribly. They were sweet and adorable.

At this point, I mostly feel annoyed. I have plenty to deal with in my daily life. I really do not need people photographing and commenting on my family. I try to be polite to people who comment or ask questions, but I do say no if people ask to take their picture (you'd be amazed how many people have asked!). I see people taking pics with their cell phones sometimes and have not been bold enough to ask them to stop. Well, that is about to change.

I hope that this makes sense. I am still so shaken up, I'm not sure if I'm able to express myself clearly. I just wanted to try and get this out and processed. What should I do? Should I try to contact this person? Ask her to take the picture down?

Darn Paparazzi!


  1. Oh Beth!!!! :( I am so sorry that this happened to you. You know what I think? Whoever posted that is a lazy, selfish person. I am glad that she does not have five children ... I would feel sorry for them if she did.

    That said, I probably would have thought the same thing before it happened to me. Getting those children here safely was a TOUGH job, and so is raising them. She is probably right that she does not want to go through that.

    I would ask her to take down the photo, though. It's humiliating, even if you don't know most of her friends.

  2. Ask her to take it down. Remind her that you did not authorize it.

  3. Not cool at all. Sorry it got you frazzled.

  4. I'm so sorry you had to experience this, Beth...I can only begin to imagine how your blood must have boiled.

    I think it's appropriate to contact this person and ask her to take the picture down. I would try my best to take the high road, and maybe she will learn something from this experience.

    And then...shake it off! You're a super-mom in my book! :)

  5. Ask her to take the photo down and if she doesn't, report it to Facebook. That is terrible!

  6. If you are on FB then I would just shoot her a message and ask her to take it down. I'm so sorry, I cannot imagine complete strangers taking pictures of me while I'm out doing my business. We get lots of looks and lots of comments but it ends there! That is just awful.

    As far as what she said, she has no idea. God chose you to be a mom to 5 precious souls, and yes, 4 of them came at once. As hard as it is, you are also privileged to enjoy the journey of this unique experience. God won't ever choose her so she doesn't need to worry about it. I would be proud that it IS you and that you are doing such a great job!

    You are blessed beyond measure and this person has a lot of growing to do. I would definitely contact her and I would say something when people try to take pictures (that you know of!).

    On a lighter note, I think it's funny how your initial reaction was about how you looked! I probably would have done the same thing.

    Oh, and one more bit of good news - once your kids are old enough to be out of the stroller, I bet all that goes away for the most part. The comments will continue but the paparazzi will be no more I bet!

  7. Beth, that really is terrible. I agree, I hope she doesn't ever have a bunch of little cuties to love! We often have people snap photos WITHOUT is very unsettling. I have NEVER ,to my knowledge, had anyone post one though. I say :oP Plluuugggghhh on her!

  8. SO sad! Tell her to take it down immediately! That is so unfair and how would she like it if you posted a picture of her children! I hate the was the public views as, more as a freak show than a normal loving family! Please know that there are several of us that "got your back!"