Monday, July 19, 2010

Help! We Are Being Held Captive!

Saturday I took the kids out and ran some errands while Rod was working. We arrived home about the same time he did and we unloaded the kids from the van and kind of hung out in the front yard for a little bit. Let the kids run around and burn off the last of their energy before dinner. When we got inside, Will was telling us that there was a bee hive in his favorite climbing tree. I know it sounds terrible, but Will says a lot of things. I am never sure when he is in reality and when he is in "Will's World." I kind of brushed off his comments. Then he asked if Daddy wanted to go see the bee hive. Rod went out with him. When he came back, he said there really was something out there!

He began planning how he was going to get this thing down. I said, "Easily, we call an exterminator and they do it for us." He thought that was silly and that he could definitely handle this on his own. Luckily, it was late by this point and we didn't have any bee/wasp spray, so his brilliant plans had to wait until Sunday morning.

Sunday Rod and I went out to investigate together. We discovered we are not dealing with a bee hive, but a hornet's nest. It was at this point that I put my foot down about have a professional handle it. Hornets are quite aggressive and I was not willing to risk anyone being attacked. Also, I read online that hornets are relatives of wasps. I am allergic to wasps, so I don't know if I would be allergic to hornets. Don't want to find that one out the hard way!

The downside to have an exterminator come out is that we have to wait! This nest hangs right over our driveway. The same driveway where the crew usually hangs out and rides their cozy coupes and things. There is no way I am taking the kids out there until the nest is gone! I would be a wreck the whole time watching for hornets. I couldn't stop thinking about that yesterday-- I wonder how many days we have played out there with them right over our heads! Thank goodness Will saw it and told us.

Now if we could just have our evil captors removed, the kids and I will be free to play in the front yard again!

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  1. How scary! Hope they're gone by now! Stay safe!