Monday, July 26, 2010

One of the Big Boys

This weekend Will had his best friend Zachary over. They had a great time together. Riding their bikes and scooters, running in the sprinkler, tearing around the house... Just being silly boys. Zachy is an only child, so he thinks the quads are really neat. At one point, I let Will and Zachary watch a Scooby-Doo video on my laptop in the living room. They said it was okay if Drew watched it with them.

Drew was in 7th Heaven!! This was hands down the coolest moment of his life! He got to sit with the big boys and watch a show. Doesn't he look just a little happy!


  1. My girls LOVE Scooby Doo! The little ones catch quite a bit of it too since it's on so much, but I would have never just turned it on for my older girls when they were only 2! But what can you do? Their bday party was Scooby Doo too!

  2. Drew looks so much like Izzie! I love the pics of your kids! Wish you'd post more!!! :)