Monday, July 5, 2010

Playing in the Pool

Last weekend my niece, Taylor, had her high school graduation party. We had a great time and spent most of the afternoon in the pool. More precisely Rod and the kids played in the pool with Aunt Myra while Mommy ran around taking pictures and doing constant head counts. I am still a bit nervous with the kids in the pool. Four babies are a lot to keep an eye on, and then I worry that we'll be so preoccupied with the babies that I won't keep a close enough eye on Will. Will can do a decent doggie paddle and knows he never goes in Aunt Laura's pool without a life jacket, but I still worry quite a bit.

All of my worrying was for nothing. Everyone was completely safe and had a great time playing. Will was going down the slide and playing in the deep end with his older cousins, so I don't have any good pictures of him. Drew is usually our water baby. First one in and last one out of any water source, but this day he just didn't really feel like it. He played around on the deck and waded on the steps, but didn't really get in. The girls and Daddy and Aunt Myra had a grand time and stayed in for hours!

Paige, Myra, Julia, Izzie and Daddy

Aunt Myra and the girls

Drew still had fun playing around on the patio.

Then he found a big plastic margarita cup and loved it.
He carried it around all day and played with it in the water.
Should I be worried that his favorite part of the party was an alcoholic drink cup?

Wading with his awesome cup

Julia chillin'
You can see her little legs are straight out in front of her.
She loved these floats!

Paige loving the water fall

Izzie found a new BFF.
Rod's cousin Troy played with her and threw her around all day.
She loved it and he must have gone home with a sore back!

In some ways it is getting easier to take the kids places and in some ways it is getting harder. I know that we just need to work it out and let them meet new people and experience new things. Every time we have a big all day outing like this one, we do feel quite a sense of pride and accomplishment once we are back home. Our family can be a lot work, but they are so much fun!!!!!

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  1. Oh, yes, it's the best feeling ever! So glad your pool day went well! Where did you find the floats for the babies? I am getting ready to buy something like that from Babies R Us and want to see what the differences are. Are you happy with yours?