Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Thoughts and Some Parade Pics...

--I wonder when Drew will stop thinking it's funny to dump out his food, put his bowl on his head and say, "hat!" Probably not until his sisters stop laughing. I really hope it is soon.

--I have a new entry for weirdest thing people say when they see/find out about the quads. A lady leaned in (always a hint they know what they are about to say is inappropriate or rude) and asked, "Are they normal or were they fertilized?" Well, they are no longer eggs, so yes, they were fertilized. We were all fertilized lady. Normal? This question is open to debate, but as far as 22 mo olds go I will say yes, fairly normal.

--I recently overheard a tender moment between Rod and Drew. Rod- "You're really cute buddy. That's why we keep you. Well that and the tax deduction." Sweet, huh?

--I took Julia to the doctor the other day (more ear trouble, ugh!) and they had her stand on the big kid scale instead of sit in the baby scale. She looked so big (well the skinnie-minnie is still barely 22 lbs, so maybe not big but grown-up) I almost cried right there in the office.

--My laundry room is so piled up right now that I'm honestly a little afraid to go in there. I just keep closing the door and hoping that the next time I open it all of the clothes will be clean, dry and folded. It hasn't happened yet, but I'll keep you updated.

--My kids love playing outside but it is sooo hot right now. Yesterday I lasted maybe a half hour then told the kids we should go inside. They didn't want to so I bribed them with a tv show. Mother of the year? Maybe not, but I was cool.

--The Independence Day parades were so much fun this year! The kids had a great time even if they don't really "get it" yet. Drew kept picking up candy and throwing it back.

My crew. Not one looking at the camera.
Great shot as always.

Uncle Patrick with Kate and Alex

Rod's cousin Jarod was Uncle Sam

Will looking cool

Paige checking out the snack situation

Drew reminding Alex of the importance of sunscreen.

Izzie taking a break from all the excitement


  1. That question takes the cake! People have no idea how dumb they sound sometimes! I usually don't mind the questions. I'm just so used to it. But then I have my days...

    Cute July 4th pics!

  2. Were they fertilized? Bwahahaha!!! That's a new one for me. Hope it made you smile on some crazy level. :)

  3. I got the "fertilized" question at the dry cleaners, in a slightly different format: "Did you use fertilization?" A lot of sarcastic answers came to mind, but I just said yes and left. People are hilarious!!