Friday, July 23, 2010

Solidarity Sister!

This morning Izzie was not listening and got put in time out. I had to laugh (and grab the camera) when her sisters went over and stood with her.

(for some reason they all wanted to wear socks today.
It is hot as Hades, so I have no idea why,
but they are also all wearing different socks. Whatever...)


  1. How do you get them to stay in timeout? Did they do it at 19 months? We put the kids (okay, Isaac) in a pack 'n' play, but it would be nice to be able to just send him to a spot in the room and make him stay there. Tips?

    P.S. We have the socks/shoes fetish here, too. What is up with that??? :)

  2. So sweet! We haven't started time outs, but are very close. I think we'll use the bottom step of our stairs or buy a bench. Our friend calls her's the "Ready Chair"(Instead of the Time Out bench or Naughty Chair) for "When You're Ready to... or Are you Ready to...?" I thought that was interesting.

  3. This is great...and so sweet, too! Don't you wonder what's going through their little minds?!

  4. Hey, Beth! I couldn't find your email address, so I'm posting a note back here...hope you don't mind. I have to tell you that my heart skipped a beat when I read your comment about me being a proud "grandma". Bwahahaha!!! (I get it now, but I guess it's kinda early for my brain on a Saturday.!) I'm 34, but my hubby is a few years older than me. I am sure we're going to get that comment for real one day, and it's probably going to crush me. :)

    And, on another note, I looked at your Blogger profile. Do you live in Kentucky? We're in Bowling Green!

  5. You are good to them! In the summer time I made all the socks disappear...
    there were none to be worn and I appreciated that less to whash!!

  6. stopping by from M&M. Too funny that the girls all joined her in Time Out!