Friday, July 9, 2010

Will's Playroom!

When we first moved into our home and brought four newborns home to live with a (then) 3 year old, we were faced with a dilemma. Will had a lot of toys that had little parts. With four babies, I knew I would not always see if one of them put something in their mouth. Because of this, we set up a playroom for Will in the formal dining room. Here he could keep toys with small parts or anything we thought the quads may break. It was also nice for him to have a special place considering how much of our time and space the quads consumed.

Now that the quads are nearing two, we have seen some changes. First of all, they are pretty good about not putting things in their mouths. Second, they and Will have started to play together very well. As we get closer to the basement being completed (Oh who am I kidding? That room will never be finished! Do not get me started on that darn basement! Anyhoo...), we are planning to consolidate to one playroom. Will plays in the quads playroom often, but the other day I went ahead and let everyone play together in Will's playroom. I sat in there with them and everyone was playing nicely. After a little while, I was confident enough that it was going to well to run upstairs to put away laundry. This is what I came downstairs to find...

They had taken every bucket from Will's toy organizer and dumped them into the entryway.

The entryway is smaller than the dining room, so I have no idea how this plan got started.

The kids much preferred sitting in the buckets to storing toys there.
Paige and Julia

Paige wearing Will's shoes and sitting in a bucket.
Yep, that's my life!


  1. That makes me feel completely normal. I try to keep all the toys picked up and organized but for some reason they all like to sit in the toy tubs. Go figure...maybe I should get rid of the toys and keep the tubs!! lol

  2. I love this post. First of all that is exactly how things look around here. Just as the big girls started keeping things semi-picked up the little girls got big enough to start carting toys all around the house. Second, we did the same thing - 2 playrooms. I cannot imagine having 4 little mouths to keep small toys out of! And the timing seems about the same as to when my little girls started playing in the big girls playroom but they have free reign in there too. Hmmm, gets me thinking, perhaps it will be time soon to reclaim my downstairs! But the big girls still have stuff that they have to keep in their room and now little Reagan can get into any door (as well as drawer and cabinet) so hmmm, what to do? Hopefully in another 6 months my little girls will be past the small parts danger phase.

    I like too that they are sitting in the bins. As hard as the toddler age is it is just so darn cute! I think God made them so cute so we could deal with all their shenanigans!