Monday, August 30, 2010

10 Surprising Facts About Me

This weeks question of the week at Multiples and More is really just a blog prompt. I am supposed to list 10 surprising facts about myself. I am really struggling with this one. I am not generally a surprising person. The most shocking thing about me is that I have quadruplets. That should be pretty obvious after the title of the blog, so let's see what else I can come up with.

1. I have no hand/eye coordination at all. The only sports I have ever done well in were swimming and soccer. Anything that involves me hitting or throwing a ball-- embarrassing. When I was little I played little league baseball (a co-ed team) for 3 years. In my third year I hit a double. This was my first actual hit in my little league baseball career. The entire team signed the ball and gave it to me. I believe I still have it somewhere. That was my last season. I retired on top of my game.

2. Right now there are worms in my refrigerator. The more you know me, the more surprising that fact is. I hate icky, creepy-crawly type things. Really, really hate them. On Sunday Rod and Will went fishing and bought night crawlers to use as bait. They had some left when they got home and we discovered that Will Jr likes to eat them. I first put them in the back corner so that I couldn't see them, but then got paranoid that the lid would come off and I wouldn't know, so I moved them back to the front of the shelf. Eww...

3. Lately I have really started loving to bake. No idea where this came from, but I love to find muffin or cake or cookie recipes and try them. Unfortunately, I currently weigh more than I ever have in my entire life (when I didn't have 4 additional people in me) and this is not really helping to shed those extra pounds.

4. I occasionally suffer from insomnia. I can usually fall asleep, but an hour or two later I wake up and can not fall back asleep. This is incredibly frustrating. Lying awake staring at the ceiling, trying desperately to fall asleep, knowing that the kids are waking up in a few hours makes me crazy.

5. I have gotten ear infections my whole life. I didn't get tubes put in as a child, I had my first tube put in at 26 yrs old. I still have a tube in my left ear. Will has lousy ears also. He has had three sets of tubes and had his adenoids removed. I have no one to blame but myself for handing down those genes.

6. I hate ketchup. I know every other American loves it, but the look of it and even the smell of it kind of grosses me out.

7. I failed my driving test 3 times before I finally got my license. I'm still not a great driver. The difference is that now I'm usually driving around the most precious cargo imaginable. Because of this, I have been told that I drive like an old lady. I hate to drive in the dark or bad weather or if I don't know where I'm going. I always leave a ton of space between me and the car in front. In spite of my lack of skills, or because of my intense worry, I have never driven in an accident with another car.

8. I did back into our garage door when I was first pregnant with the quads. Oops!

9. I get absurdly happy whenever I see a trait of mine in any of my kids (well, except for Will's bad ears.) I think it is just already so unbelievable that God gave me these children-- to see evidence that they actually came from me is too exciting! I especially love when others point out similarities.

10. I adore my husband dearly, but he knows that given the chance with Hugh Jackman, I'm taking it!

Wow! That was tough. Who knew I was so painfully boring? I could barely come up with ten facts and none of them are particularly surprising. Oh well, boring and happy works for me!


  1. This was fun to read! :) I'm laughing about the hand-eye coordination and the driving test...any correlation? Just kidding! :) I'm **really** hoping my girls get some athletic skills from my hubby. I played basketball for one year - 5th grade rec league - and I never even scored one point!

    And at least YOU put the worms in your refrigerator...much, much better than them having found their own way there! HA!

  2. Ok, Worms Gross. Baking Good. Ever tried Melatonin(it's a natural sleep aide, try 3mg? I think when you're pregnant denting the car is a given especially with quads! Who is Hugh Jackman?

    Too fun to get to read all of this. Hope my email to you didn't scare you! I think it did!;)