Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

I am ashamed to admit it, but until today, we had never had professional pictures taken of out family. The kids? Many times, but never all seven of us. For months now I have been trying to change this. I at one point even had a session scheduled with a local photographer, but she had to cancel when her babysitter cancelled. Then we had weather issues for a while. Finally, I decided to delay the outdoor portraits I had in mind and just book a session at a local portrait studio.

We had a crazy morning getting everyone fed, dressed and out the door on time, but it seemed to be working. We were on time and everyone was in a good mood and ready. We unload and go to check in at the studio. This was my first sign it was not going to go smoothly. They did not have our reservation in the books. We have used this studio several times and they have always been very kind to us and our kids. They told us that they would work us in, but that we would need to wait a while. The waiting room was crowded and crazy, so we decided to take the kids out to the van and let them watch a movie. About 30 minutes later, they came and got us.

We went in wanting a good family portrait, individuals of each of the kids and a good group shot of the five kids. We got the family portrait first and it was okay. Paige was feeling a little timid, so we kept her in my lap to help comfort her, otherwise the kids were pretty cooperative. Not for long. Things quickly went downhill. Paige would go completely limp and lie on the floor. Izzie would squirm around and roll on the floor. We gave up hope of a group shot of the kids. We tried to get individual shots of the kids. The boys and Julia were great, but we just did the best we could with Izzie and Paige.

Handsome Man Will

Wild Child Izzie

Pretty Julia-- this picture is much cuter cropped
I really wish I knew how to do things with my pictures

Stud Muffin Drew

Princess Paige- we finally managed to get a smile out of her!

The crew


  1. Oh wow! Izzie is just so pretty and cute!
    -Lana from Oregon ;)

  2. What Awesome Pics! I love the family one too! Paige and Kayla seem like they are two peas in a pod...minus the head banging I'm sure! Now the pressure is on! Ughhh! It's that time to do pics again! Can I just steal yours they look so great and what handsome boys? Enjoy the rest of your summer! HUGS!

  3. All these shots are great ... I consider your photo shoot a success! We've only had professional pics taken once, and I am so nervous to try it again now that the kids are running all over the place. :)

  4. Those are precious pictures!

    Picture days are always SO STRESSFUL for me, and I only have TWO to worry with! I'm hoping it will get a little easier when they're older, but I spend days worrying if someone is going to wake up with a rash on her face; if everyone is going to be in a good mood; etc., etc. I always think how "easy" it must be to photograph "just one" kid...but add any more, and things can get crazy, quick!

  5. Love the new photos. You all look great! When ours were still little and everyone always wanted updated photos I decided that I was going to start sending out all the bad ones instead of the ONE good one. lol