Monday, August 2, 2010

Herbert Menninger

Rod was taking out the garbage the other night, when he spotted something in the landscaping. Actually, it was three things, but fortunately he only brought in one. He caught a frog! I am not a huge fan of creepy things, but he said, "Just think how excited Will will be when he sees him tomorrow morning!" How could I say no to that? We got an old glass vase and rubber banded some mesh across the top. Rod got some grass and mulch to put in there.

The frog sat on the kitchen counter in his new little home all night and frankly, I forgot about him. The next morning, I was herding the kids downstairs and I heard Will yell. He came running to me, holding the vase. "Look Mom!! It's a frog!" He ran upstairs to show Rod who was still getting ready for work. When the two of them came down a few minutes later, Rod said that he had told Will that he could keep the frog and look at him for a day, but that we needed to let him go tonight. Will was fine with that (at the moment.) I asked what he wanted to call him, and he immediately said, "Herbert Menninger!" I had no idea where he had heard of that, but okay, the frog was Herbert.

Herbert Menninger

God love him, poor Herbert had a heck of a day. Will carried that vase all around with and even knocked it over a few times. So I made a rule, that we needed to find a place for Herbert to stay. He took him up to his bedroom and stayed up there to play for a while. When I went up to check on Will, he was trying to catch Herbert! He said he had taken him out to pet him, but then he got away. Oh my.

We did catch poor Herbert, but I didn't think he and Will should be left alone together. We kept the vase in the kitchen for the rest of the day. Will was so adorable! He came and read to Herbert. He sang songs to Herbert. I tried to gently remind him several times throughout the day that we were not keeping Herbert. It clearly went in one ear and out the other. When Rod got home that night, Will told him that Herbert was his best friend and that they were brothers now. When Rod told him that it was time to let Herbert go back to his frog family, the tears started. It was heart breaking and Rod and I even talked about keeping him, but we don't know what kind of frog he is or what kind of care he needs. We told Will we had to let him go, but Will's birthday is coming up and I'm afraid I know what we'll be getting him.

Will with Herbert

Daddy helping Will release him

Letting him go at the edge of our property


  1. Aw, that's the sweetest thing! He read to the frog and sang to him, too! So funny and so cute!

  2. Hey, just thought I'd let you know that Herbert Menninger is the name of one of Bill's bunnies on Curious George. :)