Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Gotta be the Shoes!

My sister-in-law Laura went through their playroom the other day and gathered up some toys for my crew that her kids had outgrown. She brought over several different things, but the clear winners have to be the plastic high heel shoes. She brought four pair and the quads love them!!

Here are some supermodels working the runway
Drew (with no shorts-- nice touch) in pink shoes with a clear top
Paige in purple heels (one is missing its bow)
And Julia (in Drew's shorts) wearing gold heels with pink fuzzy tops

And don't forgot model Izzie!
Here she comes sporting bright pink heels with a light pink fuzzy top
Doesn't she look "fierce"?

I worry about how much the kids love these shoes. I see some expensive years when they are old enough to really shop for high heels. (although I may try to keep Drew out of them then...)

This is just a close-up of Julia I took today.
Love her little crooked grin, so I had to include it!


  1. Beth, that is so funny. Our kiddos have four pair of those shoes also and they LOVE them, even the boys! They are getting so BIG!!!