Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Gang

For their upcoming birthday, we got the quads little quads! Actually, we got three new girlie quads and handed Will's down to Drew. We gave them to them early so they could enjoy them for as much summer as possible. We took the crew out to try them out the other day and it was exciting to say the least.

My little biker gang

Paige is "Hell on Wheels"
She can not steer at all, but takes off and doesn't slow down!

Yes, Drew is confident enough in his masculinity to drive a pink bike

Will takes one last spin on his old bike

Izzie had to take an important phone call


  1. How fun!! Happy early birthday, kiddos!

  2. OK! Now I know you're crazy! I'm looking at those pics thinking those aren't motorized are they? I thought you were brave, but this is it! haha

    But actually, I've been thinking of you bunches and would LOVE to chat about life and upcoming birthdays with you if you have a spare moment! Here's my email bkmomang@aol.com!