Thursday, August 12, 2010

Will's Birthday Weekend

On Sunday August 8th, my big boy Will turned FIVE years old! I am still in shock. He had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, we made his birthday cake. He insisted he wanted an army cake. I couldn't find one at our local bakery, so I was just going to make cupcakes. He said cupcakes aren't for birthdays-- he needed "a square cake." Alright, a square cake it is.

Will really liked helping-- or at least licking the bowl!

The aftermath
That evening his best friend Zach came over to spend the night! Will was so excited! This was the first time he had had someone spend the night. We got a babysitter for the quads and took the big boys out to dinner. Then we went and played miniature golf. The miniature golf course we went to was attached to a laser tag place. There was an observation area where we could watch people playing laser tag. The boys started talking about wanting to play, but I was completely shocked when they actually did! They played two games with Rod. He said they were a bit nervous in the beginning, but then got in to it and shot some people!

On the golf course

The next day we held his party. It was pretty small, mostly family and Zach. Of course, my family is big enough that even just family is a pretty big party. It was unbearably hot, so we broke out the sprinklers and the slip-n-slides. Everyone had a great time!

Will's birthday cake
No laughing-- it made him happy
(in case you're wondering, that is ground up graham crackers on the cake.
He said the soldiers needed to be fighting in the sand.
It was the best I could come up with for sand.)
Will blowing out the candles

Will's favorite presents were his Spiderman scooter

And his telescope. We have looked at the stars every night since.


  1. LOVE the cake! Such a good mom to be so accommodating ... and I think the graham crackers make excellent sand. :)

  2. Happy birthday Will! And how fun that he got a "date" with Mom and Dad and his best friend...I'm sure he really enjoyed that. And I think the cake looks great! I knew right away those were graham cracker crumbs on top. :) Glad he liked it, too.

  3. The cake looks GREAT! Very creative for the sand. I have also used brown sugar before!!! So glad he had an AWSOME Birthday! :o)