Monday, September 27, 2010

A Birthday Celebration... Just a Little Late

Our little quaddies turned two on Wednesday, September 8th. Two days later we left for vacation. This didn't give us much time for a birthday party. A second birthday must be celebrated, even if it is a little late! We had a joint party with my nephew Huck who turned four on September 22nd. We all got together at a local pizza place for lunch and cupcakes, then went to the zoo. Yummy pizza and cupcakes, a fun afternoon with beautiful weather at the zoo... it was the perfect birthday party!!

Izzie enjoying a cupcake


Drew shoved a huge chunk in his mouth

Paige nibbled on hers

My six favorite people going in to the zoo

just a couple monkeys monkeying around...

We took the choo-choo, but also brought the quads' harnesses.
The big kids loved holding the leads and the quads loved getting to walk around!

and Will loved the choo-choo being available for a ride!

The kids (and a few Dads)
Rod, Patrick, Kate, Drew, Gus, Will, Daniel, Huck, Zoe, Izzie, Alex, Brian, Julia, Paige and Max

It was a great day and fun to celebrate two years with our amazing family!


  1. Hey Beth! I seriously need to get updated on your trip! But wanted to say you did way better on the birthday plans than I did! I love the harnesses. I'm thinking i need to get some. It sounds like you really like them. Have a great week!

  2. Happy Birthday to them! What a fun birthday! Smart to use the harnesses - I never had any but about 6 months ago really wished I had some but I just made do. Obviously not possible with quads!