Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting There and Settling In...

As any Mom can tell you, the worst part of any trip is the packing and unpacking. Packing for the seven of us was quite frankly exhausting. Trying to make sure that everyone had enough clothes and enough options depending on the weather. Every one's toiletries, socks, shoes, swimsuits, towels... It was a whole lot of stuff. Luckily, Rod had taken Thursday and Friday off of work, so I had him there to help-- or more accurately entertain the crew while I washed and folded and gathered things. I was too busy to remember to take many pictures, but when I saw the diaper and wipe mountain I had gathered to take, it had to be recorded.

We came home with nearly two packs of swim diapers, about 15 regular diapers, no overnight diapers and very few wipes left.

After dinner Friday evening, we gave the crew baths, got them in their pajamas and headed out! We watched a short movie, then all of the kids fell asleep. Rod kept driving until about 2:30, when we stopped at a hotel in West Virginia. We stayed the night and woke up to our first unpleasant surprise. Izzie woke up with a fever. I gave her Motrin and cuddled with her in bed for a little bit. Then we went and ate breakfast at the hotel. She ate well and seemed in decent spirits, so we continued on.

In the van, I had a stash of snacks, new books and cheap toys to hand out when things started getting loud. We had plenty of kid videos (if I every hear Barney again, it will be too soon) and each kid had their "cuddle blanket" and we even let them have their pacifiers, which are usually for bed only. We were moving along just fine. Mommy was the van stewardess. Luckily our van is open between the driver and passenger seats, because I must have worn a rut in the carpet traveling the van to pass out treats, or retrieve a dropped blankie. Considering how long we were in the van, I am quite pleased with how the crew behaved.

Paige wearing her "cuddle blanket" as a head dress

Will watching a movie

Then passing out
At last-- We arrived at our lovely house for the week!!

We were located in Waves on Hatteras Island. It is absolutely beautiful there! The house was great and fit our needs perfectly. It had seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms a pool and a hot tub. We were only a block from the beach.

We hadn't brought a monitor or anything, so we just set the quads' travel beds up in our bedroom, so we wouldn't have to worry about them. If you are traveling with toddlers, you should definitely try the Pea Pods. They are perfect! They are smaller than pack-n-plays and zip closed so you be certain the kids are safe. Our crew can all climb out of pack-n-plays, but we were confident going to other floors to hang out with everyone once they were all asleep in their Pea Pods.

They aren't too big, but four and a king sized bed still fill a room

Once we were all settled in, we relaxed for our first night there.
The next morning, we woke to rain. It was a little chilly and rained all morning, so we spent the day exploring the house and hanging out with our family.

Izzie and Julia looking at the rain on one of the decks

Julia helping Aunt Sara take some pictures

Mommy hanging out with Drew

Unfortunately, during the rain, I decided to take some dirty diapers to the outside garbage can. I was walking down the wood stairs in front of the house when my sandal slipped and I completely wiped out. I laid there for a minute with a sore hip, sore shoulder and what I am certain is a broken tail bone, being rained on and thought, "I really hope our vacation gets better than this." It did. I will post more about the quads' first trip to the beach and other fun outings.

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  1. I love the pea pods! If only I'd seen them sooner. Oh well. Very cute! Oh, and just thinking about packing, ugh. It definitely IS the worst. Glad your trip started to turn around. Building memories at the very least!