Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Campers

For Labor Day weekend, my in-laws went camping with some friends of theirs. They invited us to go along. I am not a camper. At all. I really don't care for sweating or dirt or bugs. I hate the smell of a campfire-- I know a lot of people claim to love the smell (my husband included), but I hate it. Can't go to sleep with that smell on me. Anyway, as much as I hate camping, Will really wanted to go. This is where having quadruplet toddlers can come in handy. While I agreed to go for the evening, I volunteered to take the quads home to sleep in their cribs, while Rod and Will stayed all night. Thanks babies-- Mommy owes you!

The campground is right on the Ohio River. The kids loved looking at the water and the boats going by. This would have been fine were it not for "the drop-off of death."

That was what I named this lovely cliff right on the edge of the campsite. I was certain that one of the kids was going over. They wanted to get as close to the edge as possible. I had several mini-heart attacks. I decided the best defense is a good offense. We could keep them away from the drop-off of death with the one thing Lachmann kids can't resist-- Food.

Rod helping Julia and Will roast hot dogs.

Izzie loving a marshmallow

Drew shoved about four in his mouth before anyone could stop him

Paige had a hot dog and a marshmallow.
That's a campfire feast!

Here's Izzie snooching some of Grandma's chili

After loading them up on camp food, we went for a walk to the playground. I didn't get any good pictures, but we used the harnesses. This time we had an adult per quad and things were much better. Actually, they were so good that we probably didn't need the harnesses, but it was a good outing.

Heading out for our walk

Drew had so much fun!

We headed back to try to make it to the campsite in time for the fireworks to start. These were the quads' first fireworks so I was excited to see their reactions. Grandpa had Drew and Myra had Julia. They both tired out a bit, so Grandpa and Myra carried them. Rod and I hung back with Izzie and Paige who were still walking. This is why we were separated when the fireworks started. Jim and Myra had already gotten back to the campsite, but Rod and I just stayed where we were with Will, Izzie and Paige.

We got very different reports on their reactions. Unfortunately, Julia was a little bit afraid of the fireworks, but Grandma was there to cuddle her. Drew loved them! He would laugh and clap and yell, "Again!" Paige and Izzie both liked them. Paige got a little nervous of some of the really loud ones, but never cried or anything. After the big ones, Izzie would say, "Oh my goodness!" I can tell what expressions I use all the time just by listening to my kids.

Izzie watching the fireworks

Overall, it was a good night. The babies were completely exhausted and fell asleep on the ride home-- they are never up that late! I hope that Rod and Will are enjoying their night.


  1. Heehee, I love how you said you can tell what you say all the time by what the kids say ... looking forward to that phase (hopefully they won't embarrass me too badly). :) And I am with you on the camping ... not a fan!!!

  2. Haha! Yeah, 'Oh my goodness' was cute to hear out of a little thing. There may have been other phrases said in this house that I am not so eager to hear repeated...

  3. Looks like fun! (Though I'm with you on the camping - I LOVED it growing up, but since then, not so much.) I would have been a nervous wreck with that drop-off and 4 toddlers! Thank goodness for loving people to help!