Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Day in North Carolina

On our last day in North Carolina we went to The Graveyard of the Atlantic. It is a small museum about ship wrecks. They had a special display about pirates.

The crew at the museum

There was a pirate cut-out at the museum. The quads loved it-- I had to pull them away, but Will wouldn't put his face in it.

Here is Pirate Izzie

Pirate Julia

Pirate Drew

Pirate Paige.
It is impossible to get a pic of this girl smiling.
She sticks her face in a pirate cut-out and smiles.
Not sure what this says about her...

The giant anchor outside

Everyone else went out to lunch, but we had to take the kids home to nap. Unfortunately, we forgot to get the key from anyone.

Rod breaking in to the house.
I was glad we got in, but a little concerned about how simple it was.

Once everyone had lunch, took a nap and had a chance to regroup, we took the crew swimming at a beach on the sound side of the island. It was absolutely perfect! It was shallow and warm. There were no real waves. It was basically a giant kiddie pool! The only downside was we didn't go there until the last day of vacation!

Everyone relaxing in the sound

They could sit down and play.

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  1. Aw!! What a bunch of cuties!! Especially Paige!!