Thursday, September 23, 2010

The North Carolina Aquariun

We spent a morning at the North Carolina Aquarium. We went with my sister Cathy, her husband Brian and their boys Gus, Max and Huck. The aquarium was smaller than I expected, but what was there was very nice.

Everyone on our way in

The big boys
Will (with some crazy hair), Max, Huck and Gus

The quads wanted a turn
Drew, Paige, Julia and Izzie (and Daddy)

Will and Huck take a break on an alligator
(or is it a crocodile?)

Will and Gus in a "shark tank"

Daddy and Izzie touching sting rays

Julia touching a star fish

Drew listening to a conch shell

Max, Huck and Will

Outside of the indoor exhibits, there was an area where the kids were able to dig for shark teeth!

Will and Rod worked hard

Izzie loved her shovel!

Huck and Drew digging

Julia loved the little sifter

Paige was wild! Gravel was flying everywhere.

We had eight children and two adults digging for a pretty long time and no one found anything:(
Will found something that he thinks is a piece of a shark's tooth. It was definitely different than most of the gravel and it made him happy, so we just went along with him.
Overall the aquarium was a success. The kids had a good time. Unfortunately, the quads had reached their limit and we needed to call it a day. We had planned to go to a beach there on Roanoke Island, but the quads had to go home. Luckily, Cathy and Brian took Will along with their boys. Will had a great time!

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