Friday, September 3, 2010

Our New Playroom!

It took all summer. It took about three times as long as we were originally told. But it is finally complete. We have a basement playroom with a full bathroom. It has been about a week and a half and the kids and I are loving playing down there! It will be great to have a little more space when it is cold or rainy. Also, we have moved most of the kids' toys down. It is amazing-- my first floor is starting to look more like a house than a toy store! We have a great new playroom and got our family room back!
We took down the kids' play castle.
Doesn't Izzie look like quite the princess?

Their play kitchen
Julia and Paige are fixing dinner

Their climber
Izzie heading down the slide

And the train table. This has gotten a lot of use! Will really loves playing with his trains and tracks here. We are working on patience when the quads mess up his tracks...

Drew likes sitting in the drawer

And Paige thinks it makes a good dance stage!

We also have a big, new couch and tv for hanging out and watching movies.
Will, Julia, Paige and Izzie


  1. It looks AWSOME!! I am sure EVERYONE is loving it!! :o)

  2. That looks like such an awesome room! And I love the huge couch. We've been goofing around, trying to "teach" our girls to "lounge" on the couch. We have a couch and loveseat, which has always been way more seating than we actually needed. But of course both girls want to snuggle with us together (for a total of four). I'm thinking there's a sectional in our future one day! :)

  3. Oh, I am so jealous!! I can't imagine having room inside the house for that climber (we have one just like it in the backyard). You are going to love that when the snow comes ... as for me, I will be tearing my hair out one clump at a time. :)

  4. Aw! They are all so cute! Luv the kids!!