Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Year Checkup and Predictions

The quads turn 2 next week. Wow. Can't believe I just typed that. In less than a week, my 'babies' are going to turn two years old! Anyway, next week their pediatrician is on vacation and the week after that we are going on vacation, so I went ahead and took them in early for their two year checkup.

It was a pretty uneventful appointment. Well, as uneventful as four (almost) two year olds, a mom, a dad and a doctor crammed in to a small examining room with only one super awesome stool that is just the right height for the quads to sit on could be. The kids immediately fell in love with this little stool and the battles began. Dr. Fiedler brought in an extra from another room and we worked out a sharing rotation. This (mostly) ended the fights. Other than that, there isn't too much to report. I guess I hope that all of our appointments can be this boring!

Everyone was weighed and measured and we were happy with every one's growth. All of the girls all still tall and thin and Drew is tall and average weight. I just have to say that the way they measure infant height is the goofiest, least accurate measurement ever! They lie the baby down on a chart. While I hold their head at the top, they stretch the child's leg down and that's their height. I don't think so. Yesterday they told us that all of the girls are the exact same height and Drew is 1/4 inch shorter. I am 100% certain that is not accurate. I dress them everyday and know that Drew is the tallest quad and Julia is the tallest girl. Paige and Izzie are very close, so I can buy that one, but oh well. I didn't even bother disputing their heights. I have no concern about their growth, so I just let it go.

We answered a lot of questions regarding their speech and other developments. We are so pleased! Everyone is right on track and has reached every milestone expected of a two year old. We could not ask for more!!

Alright, here are the stats:

weight height(supposedly)
Izzie 25 lbs (30%) 35'' (90%)
Julia 23 lbs (10%) 35'' (90%)
Drew 28 lbs (50%) 34 3/4'' (75%)
Paige 23 lbs (10%) 35'' (90%)

Oh! I just remembered that supposedly you can double a child's height at two years old and that will be their adult height. That brings the girls to 70''-- 5' 10''. I'm 5'9'' and Rod is 6'1'', so that seems entirely possible. Dr. Fiedler told me when Will was two, that he believes for boys their height at 2 1/2 is a more accurate predictor, but at using yesterday's height, Drew would be 5'9 1/2''. I remember Will was 37'' at two. That would make him 74''-- 6'2''. Weird to think I might be the shortest member of my family.


  1. I know the examination room is crowded for us, with twins...I have never thought about having a couple more kiddos in there, too! I'm sure that's a work-out in itself!

    Wonderful news that everyone is so healthy! Uneventful appointments are what we all hope for. :)

  2. Hey I'm 5'10"! And I've heard that too about doubling the height.

    I am glad you had a boring appt. It could have been very eventful and not boring.

    You are right about how they measure heighth - it is totally inaccurate because the kids move around like little worms.

    I can't imagine the fights that could occur among quads. My twins fight non-stop. At least the older ones do. I'm hoping the little ones will not be as bad, but I'm in part afraid that they're just not old enough yet to fight like that. UGh.

    Glad it was a good appointment! You are an awesome mom for all you do!

  3. I heard girl's height are around twice the height of when they are 2 and MINUS 4 INCHES.
    But of course, that might not be true :)