Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Washable Markers

This is a completely unsolicited review of a product my crew tried out today. I have not been paid (didn't even get the markers free), but I was so impressed with Crayola's Washable Markers that I had to spread the word.

This afternoon we had a short rainstorm. Since we had to be inside, it seemed the perfect opportunity to break out the art paper and washable markers I picked up when back to school supplies were on sale. The quads had fun coloring, but I'm pretty sure we are raising a set of scientists! When they heard that these markers were supposed to be washable, they decided to perform some little experiments. Believe me, they put these markers through some serious tests.

Paige's drawing

Paige's purple hand and mustache

Completely washed off!!
All of the kids were just washed at the bathroom sink with hand soap and water.
No serious scrubbing, no full bath. It was simple!
Julia's drawing

I accidentally deleted Julia's before picture.
I meant to get rid of the red eye and accidentally hit delete.
They really need an "undelete" button for idiots like me.

Clean again

Izzie's masterpiece

Izzie looked like a vampire!

All washed off!
(that spot on her arm is a temporary tattoo)

Drew's work of art

Drew really wanted to test the washability of these markers

He really gets in to his experiments!!

Clean as a whistle!!

In the interest of being thorough, Paige and Drew
also made sure to get marker on their shirts to test how they wash out of clothing.

Blue marker on Paige's shirt

Came out in one wash

Drew really let his shirt have it!

washed out-- no problem!

Always willing to go the extra mile, they even got marker on the table

Came off with one wipe!!

I am in love with these markers! Any markers where I can let the kids go wild
and not have to worry about them staying blue (or green, or red, or purple...)
for the rest of the week is definitely going to be used in this house!

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  1. This is great...I'm sold! Just one question, did you treat the marker stains on the clothes, or did they just wash straight out?

    I am really looking forward to doing some more art projects with the girls, but to date, we've only done it a couple of times, when we've had a one-to-one ratio. :)