Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Do Myseff!

As the quads grow, I love watching them conquer new skills and get closer to independence. I am so proud of all that they have learned. However, the words I have been hearing so much recently- the words that make me cringe- are a toddler's offended cry, "I do myseff!"

More and more the quads are wanting to do everything for themselves. They insist on buckling themselves into their boosters for each meal, buckling their car seats, even dressing themselves! This is a normal stage of development, I know. The problem is, even when they can do it themselves, they are incredibly, painfully slooooww.

I want to be a good Mom to my kids. I really try. The one quality I never seem to have enough of is patience. I know that they need to master these skills for themselves and this is the only way they will learn, but come on! If I am loading the crew into the van, it is because we need to be somewhere. Today!! I try so hard to be patient and let them figure it out on their own, but some days, I just do it for them. They get angry and cry, but we get to leave.
Then there is the dressing. Julia is the most stubborn here. She gets upset if I try to help at all. Some days this means her shirt gets put on backward or something is worn inside out. She loses her mind if I try to turn it around, so if we don't have anywhere to be, that's how she walks around that day. It's not worth the fight.

As frustrating as this is right now, I know that my days will be easier when the crew is able to do more on their own. Won't it be nice one day to climb in the van, remind everyone to buckle up and be on our way, rather than strapping everyone in myself? Won't it be nice when I can just set out outfits and they take care of the rest- or even pick out their own clothes? In the mean time, I'll just keep working on my patience. Breathe in and breathe out. They're learning and they'll get it in due time...

And because I know you're really just here for the pictures...

Will built Stella a dog house out of a cardboard box
(he's wearing underwear- I just realized he looks naked in this picture)

Izzie loves swinging

Paige wearing her big brother's tie

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