Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Little Love Bugs

Rod's Aunt Connie has been a huge help to our family since the quads were born. Actually, even before! She would visit and bring wonderful food when I was on bed rest. She still helps often with the kids and they adore her! Anyway, she and her husband, Mark, recently celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary and he surprised her with her dream car. A 1979 Volkswagen Beetle convertible.

She came over to the visit the other evening and drove her new Bug. We took the crew out to see it. They all immediately wanted to climb in! They loved it and did not want to get out. The next day I was talking about our car to Will, but the kids heard "car" and started yelling for "Connie's car!" They already know this is a much cooler car than our big @$$ van.

All the kids piled in the back seat.

They wanted to take a ride but, needless to say, they didn't go anywhere without car seats.
Drew even had his cool shades ready to go cruising for chicks!

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