Friday, October 8, 2010

Patched Up!

My poor Will has had ear troubles his entire life. He got his first ear infection (bi-lateral, of course) at four months old and hasn't stopped since. He has had tubes put in three different times. He has had his adenoids removed. In the last year or so, his infections had really slowed down and we thought we had turned the corner and could put his ear troubles behind us. Then at his five year check-up, he struggled through his hearing test on his left ear and completely failed in his right ear. His ears were once again a mess. We went back to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.

The last time Will had tube put in, he had "semi-permanent" tubes put in. This means the tube had a phalange which opened behind his ear drum to hold the tube in place. Apparently, Will's tubes had "migrated." They were trying to come out of his ears, but were held in by these phalanges. The tubes moving were damaging his ear drums, so his doctor scheduled surgery for today to remove the tubes and patch Will's ear drums.

Like I said, Will has had several surgeries for his ears, but it still scares me. I was able to tell myself that it is very minor surgery and he would be fine. I know this to be true, but last night I barely slept a wink. General anesthesia is always scary.

Will in his gown ready to go!

This morning we went to the surgical center. Will was a good boy and answered all of the nurse's questions and spoke to the doctor and anesthesiologist. He seemed fine until the nurse said it was time to go back to the operating room. Will simply said, "No." He was not going to budge. The nurse and I tried sweet talking (and a little bribing) but got nowhere. She asked the doctor if I could walk him to the OR instead of her. He was fine with that, so I carried him back. There, I held him while the anesthesiologist put a mask on Will. After a couple of breaths, I could see his eyes drooping. He went out and I left the room. That was kind of hard.

Luckily, the surgery didn't last long and once he was awake and had eaten something, we got to bring him home. He is doing great! He is enjoying getting to rest in Mom and Daddy's bed and watch videos. Hopefully, we have finally closed the book on Will's ear infections.


  1. Oh, Beth, I can only imagine how hard that must have been to go back with Will...but I am sure it was such a great comfort to him to have his mommy there. I hope he has an easy recovery (and enjoys the extra TLC!), and that you'll be able to bid the ear infections farewell. :)

  2. Oh goodness! It is so hard when your kids have to undergo anything at all! Especially any kind of surgery. Hopefully that will be it for him. Poor guy.