Monday, October 4, 2010

We Take on King's Island

We took the crew to King's Island yesterday. We knew the first Sunday of October would be cool, but it was cold! We were surprised at just how cold it was, but decided we would just make the best of it. The good news is the cold kept many people away. Our kids are not so great at waiting, and we were able to walk on to most of the rides. This was the first time the quads rode anything! I was so excited to watch them on the different rides.

Rod's parents came up for lunch, but it was too cold for them and they didn't want to stay. They wanted to take the kids on one ride before they left. What is the logical choice for the first ride for toddlers?

The Haunted Mansion

Okay, maybe not the obvious choice, but it is Will's favorite ride. Each car has guns and you can shoot the ghosts. Will was not afraid and I think the quads are too young to know that it was supposed to be scary, so it was fun. Besides, everyone was with Mom and Daddy or Grandma and Grandpa.

Then Will rode the bumper cars

Next we rode the little trains
You can't see them, but this is Will, Uncle Shawn and Drew

Mommy and Izzie rode together
(it was so cold everyone has red noses)
Next we went to the cars. This was hands down the quads' favorite ride! They rode it four times in a row!! They loved running around and picking out which car would be theirs. Sometimes they shared a car, sometimes they each rode alone, but they had fun every time!

Drew made that pink Jeep look good!

Julia looking tiny in a red Hummer

The quads in the same car-- brought horrifying glimpses of 14 yrs in the future.
Can't think about that yet!
It was at this point that my camera battery died. Oh well, we had tons of fun and the kids were so well behaved!! We stayed way later than we had planned, but it was worth throwing our schedule out the window for a wonderful experience.
Will even went on his first roller coaster! He screamed the entire time. When it stopped he said, "That was the worst ride ever! Let's do it again!" We had to buy the photo the park takes during the ride. He rode with Rod and Uncle Shawn. I can't tell who is having the most fun.
funny boys

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  1. Wow! what fun. Looks like everyone had such a good time. Glad you got out with the crew and made such fanstatic family memories. And I know that atleast for me it's kinda nice when my battery dies or i forget my camera cause then i can just relax and enjoy the time with my children as opposed to always trying to get the best pics. I know it's great to have family photos of all our wonderful memories tho.