Saturday, October 9, 2010

Will Rocks

Will is constantly telling me about all of the different jobs he has. He is a farmer, a police officer, a fire fighter, a veterinarian... It's a really long list (I wonder all his income is going?), but included on this list is a paleontologist. Today I was getting the quads ready for their nap and he asked if he could go out back and dig for fossils. We have a patch of dirt under our deck where he likes to find fossils (rocks). I told him it was fine and he could go out. I got the crew upstairs and down for their nap. It took a while to get them settled in. When I left their room and went into the hallway, this is what I saw through the bathroom door.

Will washing his "fossils" (and feet) in the bathroom sink
I asked him why he took his clothes off and he said, "Don't worry Mom, it's not cold out." He took them off outside!! I asked why and he simply said, "I didn't need them." Of course, our next door neighbors are having a party and some people are hanging out on their back deck. Sorry Gary and Tammy!
Yes, this is the boy who just had surgery yesterday. I think he's doing just fine.
I never know what that child of mine is going to do next!


  1. Does Will wet the bed? Because my kid does and I'm bloghopping to search for solutions!!

  2. No. Luckily Will doesn't wet the bed and we haven't begun potty training on the others yet. Hope you find some tips to help!

  3. He is too sweet! And you'll be forever telling this his wedding...and more!