Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Good Update for Izzie

I've mentioned Izzie's duplicated kidney before. Luckily, everything seems to be cleared up, but she still needs an annual ultrasound to check that everything is going well. This morning we went in for her ultrasound. I thought back to her first appointment for her kidneys. She was three weeks old and barely four pounds!! Today I took in a 26 month old, twenty-five pound big girl. She was soooo good. She waltzed right in there and charmed everyone she met. "Hello" and "thank you" were chirped to every person we walked past. When it came time for the test, she was a perfect little angel. The technician put in a Dora video and Izzie climbed right on the bed, lay down and watched her show happily. While the technician is not allowed to give us a full report, she did say that if she did not know Izzie's history, she would never guess that the kidney had ever been operated on!

sweet little Izzie getting her ultrasound

she was even really good when she had to lie on her belly

As I reflect on her kidney issues, I also want to say how happy I am with her scar. You can barely see it unless you are really looking for it. Rod and I joke that we were hoping for at least a bit of a scar-- just enough to keep her out of bikinis in her teenage years;o)

Izzie's belly. yeah, she's wearing a fire hat. you know, just because...
you really can't see her scar at all.

even in a closer shot it is hard to see...

there it is. Not bad at all!

when the others saw me taking Izzie's picture, they wanted in too!
Julia, Drew, Paige and Izzie
(I had just taken their hair clips out for nap time, so disregard the wild hair)

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  1. Hi friend, I didn't know that about Izzie! So glad everything looks good! I've been missing blogland and hope to keep caught up on your household!Hugs!