Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Movie Time

We hadn't watched a movie as a family since the quads came along. We have watched some kids' videos, but never a feature length film. Well, this weekend everything aligned for the perfect opportunity. Rod had Saturday off. Drew started running a fever, so we couldn't really go anywhere and he just wanted to lie around. Finally, we bought Toy Story 3. We figured this was the perfect time to watch a movie together.

Since the quads go to bed pretty early, we watched it in the afternoon right before dinner. Will had seen Toy Story 1 & 2, so he was really excited to see the new one. The quads had never seen any of the Toy Story movies, but we have toys of some of the characters, so they know Buzz and Woody.

Will (seriously, that boy is never fully clothed...)
Izzie (holding Buzz Lightyear) and Paige sit with Mommy under the Toy Story blanket

Drew and Julia cuddle up with Daddy

The kids surprised us. They did a great job! Paige is our kid who is the least interested in tv in general. A couple of times, she wandered off and played for a while, but she played nicely and let everyone else continue watching. One time Izzie got up and played with her, but again, they didn't disturb anyone. Other than that, everybody sat quietly and watched the entire movie. If you haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet, you should. It was as cute and funny as both of the others, and had a sweet and touching back story. This movie is definitely one that will be broken out again on future family movie times.


  1. Oh, how fun! My kids won't watch a movie yet (tried to watch Cars again this week and they got so mad at me, ha!). Anyway, this gives me hope that movie time isn't that far off. :)

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  2. Any dark or semi-scary parts? Makena is such a sensitive child! I'm glad you enjoyed your movie night!

  3. Our kids really like Tarzan, they will all sit and watch the first 30-40 mins up until he is no longer a baby and loose interest because Tarzan is no longer a baby. They also like to all try and climb up and sit in your lap to watch it.