Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our New Little Baby

Well, okay, she may not actually be ours, but on Monday, October 25th, my sister had her third baby girl! Little Eleanor Grace was born at a perfect 7lbs 7oz. She is absolutely beautiful.

My sister called me on Sunday and told me she was in labor. I told the kids that the baby in Aunt Joanna's belly was going to come out. They stared at me like those words meant nothing. Then I told them that they were going to get a new cousin. They started laughing and clapping, yelling, "Yay! New cousin!" The next morning when I woke them up, I told them that Aunt Joanna had a little girl named Ellie. They all immediately started talking about Baby Ellie. They wanted to go see her right away.

We didn't go see her that day, but I got to visit her the next day. Then on Monday November 1st, we all went over to visit. The babies wanted to see her. I had to remind them to give her a little space and just kiss her on top of the head. They all wanted to crowd around and kiss her face.

Aunt Beth getting a cuddle from sweet little Ellie.
I love the way newborns just snuggle right into your chest!
When we first got there, Ellie was still sleeping in her car seat (which we had passed on from the quads) from her one week pediatrician appointment (she got a clean bill of health!). Julia wanted to sit with her for a while.
This picture reminded me of an old one we have...
Little Julia coming home from the hospital for the first time at 15 days old. She was half of Ellie's size at the time and now she looks enormous next to a newborn!

Will really wanted a chance to hold her (yes, he is wearing his Halloween costume again. He has worn it quite a bit...) Ellie, Will and Alex.

It was a little strange for me. Joanna and I have been pregnant together twice (Will is 4 mos older than Alex and Kate is 4 mos older than the quads.) This was the first time that she was pregnant with out me. I know that I have been extraordinarily blessed with my five healthy and amazing children, but it is difficult to think that I may be finished with that stage of my life. Am I really never going to be pregnant again? Will I never give birth again? Well, at least I have a lot of sisters to keep having babies. If I don't get another of my own, I sure can enjoy my nieces and nephews.

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  1. How fun to visit with a new little bundle! It is strange to realize you may never had more kids. I am there. My siblings are just getting started though.