Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tessa's Wedding!!

Fair warning up front-- This post contains a ton of pictures. Sorry, but I want to remember everything about this fun and special event for our family. You're just lucky my camera was in some weird mode for most of the ceremony (the pictures were just blurs) and then my battery died very early in the reception.

This weekend my baby sister got married. Tessa is the youngest of eight kids. She is ten years younger than I. I am aware that she is also 23 years old and in her last year of grad school. She now is a married woman, but none of this can change that fact that she is the baby. I can not believe that our little baby is all grown up. Crazy.

Tessa married Ray. They met in college at the University of Louisville. Ray is a very nice guy. He is funny and bright, but most of all, he really seems to care for and love Tessa. They have been dating for several years and my family really likes him-- especially the kids. Will has already been calling him Uncle Ray (though he says Ray's full name is Ray Fred Uncle... don't ask). For a couple of weeks now, he has been telling people, "Aunt Tessa is marrying Uncle Ray." Sounds like some weird Kentucky inbreeding. Oh well.

About a month ago at Tessa's wedding shower
My Mom and all six of her daughters
(Tessa, Me, Sara, Cathy)
(Karen (7 mos pregnant), Mom, Joanna (8 mos pregnant))

Rod with Drew and Izzie at the rehearsal dinner


Tessa with her God-Daughter Paige

Ray giving a toast

My sister Karen, her son Malcolm and husband Brian

My sister Cathy and her husband Brian

The happy couple
Ray and Tessa

The Big Day!!
Karen(now 8 mos pregnant) and Baby Hayes are ready to go

Aunts Sara and Cathy helping get the little girls dressed

Izzie loving the big mirror

Tessa's Mother-in-Law helping fix her veil

Mom talking with Tessa before heading out to the church

Tessa and the Priest

The Bridal Party
Karen, Tessa, Sara
Paige, Alex, Kate, Izzie, Julia

The Bride and Bridesmaids

Unfortunately, a couple of people fiddled with my camera around this point and I was not able to get any pictures of the girls coming down the aisle. It was darling. They did come down the aisle. Just not necessarily together. Izzie ran laughing down the aisle. Alex walked it nicely, smiling like a pro. Julia kind of danced down swinging her bouquet. Paige walked slowly and steadily. Holding her bouquet out and giving each person she passed a serious stare. Kate didn't come down at all. Oh well, five flower girls under five years old... Tessa said she was okay with whatever happened. It was cute.

Drew loved the girls' bouquets.

Uncle Brian let Will help videotape

I read the second reading.
When I went back to the pew, Drew clapped and yelled, "Yay, Mommy!"

Tessa and Ray and their attendants

The Happy Couple
(I know that they look 12 & 13, but I swear they are of legal age)

My parents, their children and spouses and grandchildren

Paige after the ceremony

Izzie playing in the leaves


Tessa and Ray in front of the statue of St. Francis of Assisi

Julia getting settled in at the reception

Daddy with Julia and Izzie

My big brothers
Tom and Joe

Aunt Cathy dancing with Julia and Drew

Uncle Tom with Paige and Izzie

Izzie (and all the others) tore that dance floor up!!

It was a wonderful weekend!
We are so happy for Tessa and Ray and wish them a lifetime of happiness!


  1. Wow! What a large, BEAUTIFUL family! How cute they were in the wedding!

  2. I had been looking forward to this post, and I somehow almost missed it. I'm so glad I scrolled down to see those beautiful pictures. I laughed out loud at the Kentucky inbreeding comment (bwahahaha!!!), and I love the description of your girls coming down the sweet.