Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...

...a healthy family! Our troubles started a little over a week ago. Paige started being fussy and running a fever. She complained that her ears hurt, so I took her to the doctor where she was diagnosed with a double ear infection. We started her on an antibiotic. It seemed to help. The next few days I was struggling through a head cold. Once I started to feel better, Julia and Izzie woke up cranky with fevers. Back to the doctor, more infected ears. They each got an antibiotic. Julia responded quickly, but Izzie didn't get much better. Then Rod was sick for a couple of days. After initially improving, Paige was beginning to take a turn for the worse. Then yesterday, Drew woke up wheezing.

Okay, so back to the pediatrician for the three sickies. Drew's chest didn't sound good, so he is on Albuterol breathing treatments and an antibiotic. Both of Paige's ears were still terribly infected, so we changed her antibiotic. Izzie was acting the sickest of the crew and had the highest fever, but her ears were improving and the doctor couldn't find any other infection. She was ready to call it a sinus infection and change her antibiotic, but decided to swab Izzie for influenza. All five kids got the flu shot a couple of months ago, but sure enough, the test came back positive for influenza B. Ugh.

So, we are hunkered down at home. Lots of medicine and cuddles. Long days spent in pajamas. We are hanging in there and have seen some improvement. We just need to get these kids healthy before the weekend. We have plans Friday evening, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I would hate to have to miss any of them, so we are doing everything we can to get rid of the germs! What does that look like?

lots of coloring
(Julia tends to hoard the crayon bucket)

Paige creating a masterpiece

Izzie focusing on her artwork
(I had actually bought these pads of paper to give them for Christmas,
but broke them out early when we needed some sick-day activities.)

and of course, watching some Christmas classics
you know- Curious George's Very Monkey Christmas and
Elmo's Christmas Countdown
excellent cinema...
(and yes, binkies and blankies are allowed when sick)

We need everyone to be fever-free for 24 hours before they can go anywhere or we can have anyone over. The fevers need to break before tomorrow night. We also need to somehow keep Will from coming down with anything. I don't know how he has managed to avoid all of this illness running through the house, but we need him to keep it up!


  1. Oh, Beth...I saw your email a couple of days ago, and I've been thinking about you guys. I'm so sorry to hear that Drew joined in the mix, on top of everything else. I'm sending prayers your way that everyone feels better soon, and that SuperWill continues to be just that. :)

    Hang in there...thinking of you all!

  2. Oh, Beth, I know how hard it is to see your kids sick, and how exhausting it is for you!!!!! Praying for a miraculous recovery for everyone, and for the non-sickies to stay that way. Hope you are able to have a Merry Christmas!!

  3. So sorry everyone is sick. That's so hard at any time, but during Christmas just sucks! Hope it passes soon!