Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas! and a Look at Christmases Past

Today I was looking back at our Christmas card pictures since Will was born. We did send out a picture of Stella with Santa before we had (human) kids, but I'll spare you...

Christmas 2005
Will (4 mos)

Christmas 2006
Will (1yr)

I have no idea what happened in 2007. I couldn't find a picture and my addled brain can't seem to remember what our picture looked like. Oh well.

Christmas 2008
Will (5)
Izzie, Julia, Drew and Paige (3mos)

Christmas 2009
Izzie (1), Julia (1), Drew (1), Will (4) and Paige (1)

Christmas 2010
Izzie (2), Julia (2), Will (5), Drew (2) and Paige (2)

We wish you all a very merry and blessed Christmas!!


  1. Merry Christmas! I LOVE 2008 and 2010. Why didn't I think of having them hold lights? What a great idea? That probably would have prevented a lot of screaming!

  2. These are great! I was reading a friend's blog a few days ago. Her B/G twins were born just one week before our girls. She posted a picture taken a year ago of her kiddos in the double-wide cart at Sam's Club, and then one taken recently. She said, "Humor know I love these [comparisons]." I just keep laughing about that, because I do, too. What a great way to realize how much everyone has grown...and how quickly time flies!

    So glad to read that you had a great AND HEALTHY holiday!!! Happy New Year 2011!