Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Little Pioneer

When Will started kindergarten this year, we got information about all sorts of sports teams and classes for which he was eligible. One of them was an instructional basketball league hosted by our local high school. The high school's mascot is a Pioneer, so this is called the Little Pioneer League. We've had a few weeks of practices now, but today was his first game. To be honest, Will was really starting from zero. He couldn't dribble and move at the same time and he was no where near making a basket. He may not be Michael Jordan yet, but he has improved quite a bit! He can dribble and walk (not that far yet, but he can move!) and while he still hasn't made a basket, he regularly hits the rim now. So offense may not be his strong suit, but he is a monster on defense! He sticks his arms out and gets right in their face. I'm glad to see that he has learned and improved, but mostly I'm just happy that he is having fun.

warming up before the game

getting a pre-game pep talk

guarding his player

passing to a teammate

after the game. home and happy!

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