Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Saint Nicholas Day

Yesterday was St. Nick's Day and of course he came and brought some treats for the crew! St. Nicholas visits the night before his feast day (Dec. 6th) every year and leaves treats in the kids' stockings. Not much and nothing big, just a few small gifts. Will was the first one to the stockings which are hung on the staircase, but went back and got the quads so they could dig in together.

Everyone got a personalized ornament

Each girl got a little tiara

My little princesses

Julia hanging her new ornament on the tree

Will put his on too

The boys got Lightning McQueen notebooks

Julia was very excited to open the M&Ms

But Mommy made them eat breakfast first.
Princess Paige eating her Cheerios

After breakfast, I let them watch their new movie, "Curios George's Very Monkey Christmas," and eat some M&Ms. (Well, except for Will-- he doesn't like candy. Yes, I'm serious. People exist that do not like candy. I'm not convinced he's my son...)

Izzie really liked the candy

Will also looked pretty in a tiara

The kids definitely enjoyed Saint Nicholas Day! It has certainly gotten them ready for Christmas. They now look in their stockings each time they go up or down the stairs!


  1. Never heard of celebrating St. Nicholas Day (of course, I am not Catholic) ... very cool! I am still in shock over learning that Will does not like candy, though. I think only a chocolate bar will make me feel better. :)

  2. That's so sweet that Will went up to get his brother and sisters so they could open their stockings together! And you've gotta keep working on that boy...he must learn to like candy! HA!