Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Yes, we did celebrate Thanksgiving. Twice, actually. My husband's family has celebrated the weekend before for years now. This works out perfectly for us. We get to spend an entire day with each family and don't feel rushed.

Our Thanksgiving at my in-laws was lovely. On that side of the family, most of my nieces and nephews are already teenagers. My niece Ana is nine and she is the only other 'kid' on that side. Of course, we still take up an entire 'kid's table.' Rod and I sat there as well with my Mother in law.

Everybody settling in.
(yes, Will is wearing a hard hat-- he's Will)
The kids ate a ton.
Their favorite was Grandma's homemade apple sauce. They ate bowl after bowl after bowl.

A few of the ladies hanging out after dinner, chatting and washing dishes.
(my SIL Laura, her daughter Taylor and my MIL Judy)

After dinner the kids had a great time running around and playing with their cousins.

Ana enjoyed dressing the kids up

Then on Thanksgiving, we had my family over for the day. It was also a great day! On my side of the family, there are 12 grandchildren (with #13 due in a couple weeks) with the oldest being only 10 years old. Eleven of the kids were there and boy was this house crazy! It was fun, though. The kids have fun together and behaved really well (for the most part.)

We are so unbelievably fortunate. Not only do we have an incredible immediate family, we have wonderful parents and siblings on both sides. We are truly blessed!

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