Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Haircuts, Fast Food and a New Hairstyle

I had known this day was coming for a while, but put it off as long as possible. Izzie's hair has been getting quite long and hanging in her eyes. I didn't want to cut bangs in, but she wouldn't keep a clip in to keep it out of her eyes. If she actually left the clip alone, one of the other babies would pull it out. I just had to give in and get some bangs cut. Poor little Paige has been rocking a little "baby mullet" for a while now, I just hated to get her hair cut. They always seem to stop looking like babies when you cut their hair. I'm not ready for my babies to look like kids.

Here is a before picture with Paige. You can see the mullet some.

She was very funny. I think that she was a little bit afraid of the hairdresser, because she sat stone still the entire time. She barely blinked.

An after shot. They left a little length in back, just cleaned it up a bit.

Izzie's before shot. I should have brushed her hair forward, but you can see it was getting too long.

I don't think that she trusted the hairdresser. She tried to watch her every move. This made cutting her hair a little tougher. This is why I like to go somewhere that specializes in children. They are used to squirmy, nervous kids.

I was happy they left her curls in back.

Will and Drew got their trims. Since they have each had haircuts, no pictures were taken. Julia is just now getting a full head of hair and it is still really short, so no haircut yet for her. She had a wonderful time, though. She took every book off of the bookshelf and sat going through them one by one.

Since everyone was so good at the hairdressers and I had my friend Evette with me, I decided that we would have another adventure. We took the babies out for fast food for the first time. There was a Burger King nearby, so we went in. I haven't been to a Burger King in years, but I was pleased with their selection of kid food. Will got his own Kid's Meal and the 4 babies shared 2 orders of chicken nuggets, 2 orders of Mac n Cheese and 2 orders of apple sticks. They gobbled everything up quite happily. There was a play area, but it was really big and there were several older (5-8yo) kids on it, so I didn't let the babies play on it. Of course, they didn't even know what they were missing, so no one was too upset. Will played while Evette and I finished feeding the babies, then we were on our way. A very successful outing!

Paige, Will, Evette and Izzie

Julia and Drew

The next day, Will asked why I hadn't gotten my hair cut. I said that I really need to get a haircut and that I want a new style. He said, "I can give you a new hairstyle!" He ran upstairs and came back down with the girls' hair bows. He put at least a dozen bows in my hair. I asked if he was finished and he said, "Mommy, you are starting to look a little pretty." Starting? A little? Gee... He really knows how to sweet talk the ladies!

Will insisted on pictures. He was very proud of his handy work.
(Sorry about the super close up with no makeup)

Yes, more bows in back.

He may have a future. Here at Will Sassoon, If you don't look good, he doesn't look good!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's in a Name?

This week at Multiples and More, the 'Question of the Week' was about naming multiples. I've spoken some about naming my babies, but this is a topic that really interests me. I love to hear other multiples' names. I'm always interested in the process as well. It was really tough for us. It was fun, but began to become a stress as I got further and further along and we still did not have names for everyone.
First, let's list the names:

Isabella Rose
Julia Kay
Andrew Douglas
Paige Judith

How did you choose your multiples' names?

I have to say, my husband is a wonderful man and I am blessed to have such an amazing husband and father for my children, but he was not particularly helpful. He can occasionally have a somewhat childish sense of humor, so he was in charge of thinking of how the name could be teased. I figured if he thought of it, all of the other 7yo would too. He vetoed a lot of my name suggestions, but suggested very few himself. His main contribution was Izzie's name. Early on he said he wanted to name one of the girls Isabella and call her Izzie. Since he suggested so few names, I couldn't nix his one name he felt strongly about.
I have always wanted a daughter named Julia. I love the name. I prefer Julia, but I am fine if she wants to go by Julie. She isn't necessarily named after it, but I love the song "Julia" by the Beatles (it's on the White Album.) I often sing this to her.
Drew was named the day we found out I was pregnant. Since we had so much trouble conceiving, we thought this may be our last pregnancy. I naively assumed I was having one baby. Since we have an older son, I said that I kind of hoped for a boy so that he could have a brother. The name Andrew had been in my head a lot lately and I mentioned Andrew Douglas to Rod. He liked it a lot, so it was decided- if we had a boy he would be Andrew Douglas, but go by Drew.
Paige was our toughest. I went to my ultrasound at 30w5d and grabbed a Parents magazine to take with me to read while waiting. Well, that appointment landed me in the hospital. That first night in the hospital, I read the magazine which happened to have an article about baby names with tons of name possibilities. This was when I found Paige. I liked it, but I didn't think Rod would, so I didn't mention it right away. For a few weeks, we tossed around names, but couldn't agree on our final first name. Finally, I mentioned Paige and Rod really liked it. Why did I wait so long?
It was only a few days before their birth, but finally we had four first names we both liked. Middle names? Rod had to learn some of those in the delivery room.

Did you stick with family names?

All of the middle names are family names. Izzie's Rose is after my sister Karen Rose. The babies were born on their Aunt Karen's birthday, so it seemed appropriate. Julia's Kay is my mother's middle name. Drew's Douglas is Rod's middle name. Paige's Judith is my mother in law's first name.

How do you feel about "matchy" names?

I have nothing against "matchy" names, but we were having enough trouble without the additional restrictions. We kind of considered the same first letter, but would want to include our older son, Will. We couldn't find much we liked with 'W'.

Did you worry about their names "coordinating?"

They don't necessarily coordinate, but I think they sound nice grouped together. That was all I cared about.

Did you name your babies before you met them, or wait until you saw them to assign names?

I feel a little guilty, but we just named the girls in alphabetical order when they came out. Drew was obvious, but otherwise, we just assigned them as they came out.

What were your second choices?

There were a few girl names that very nearly made the cut. I love Claire, but Rod was always very lukewarm toward it. The one that I still think about sometimes Is Eliana. I was talking to Rod's 16yo niece about names and said I love Ellie, but didn't love Eleanor. She mentioned Eliana and at first I rejected it. What made me change my mind was when she told me it means, "The Lord has answered my prayer!" How perfect is that? Why I ultimately decided against it, was it just felt too exotic for us. I didn't know if our family could pull off a name like that. Sometimes I imagine if Izzie had been Eliana instead. I think she could have been a little Ellie. Well, maybe the Lord has a surprise girl out there for us...

Did you consider the popularity of a name as a deciding factor?

I really didn't want to give any of the kids super popular names. Considering Isabella was the 2nd most popular girl's name for 2008, I clearly failed. I just hope most go by Bella and not Izzie. Andrew is also pretty popular, but I don't know how many go by Drew.

It was a long and sometimes stressful process, but I am very happy with my kiddos' names. I hope they don't hate us in the future for saddling them with some terrible name.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fly, Izzie, Fly!!!!

The babies have been loving their climber/slide lately. Izzie and Paige love going down the slide and have started going headfirst! I love this picture I took of Izzie the other morning.

She's nothing but a blur!!!!
It makes me nervous, bit I love watching my babies get braver and more adventurous. Nothing is going to slow them down!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Going Stir Crazy!!!!!

It has been cold and snowy here for a week and a half now! Not terrible, icy snowy, but yucky enough that I do not want to drag the crew anywhere. Every year I dread January and it is even worse when I am trapped in my house with 5 crazy kiddos. The last few days I have had 2 'big outings' per day. Getting Will off of the bus and getting the mail. Seriously. The good news is I guess we're saving gas! Well, this morning, the babies we're 'helping' me fold laundry and playing and being silly. Mommy is now silly enough that I took pictures of them being funny!

Julia is such a little stinker that whenever she is doing something cute and you go to take a picture of her doing it, she immediately stops doing it and smiles for the camera. If I want her to smile for the camera, she makes her 'stink face.' Go figure!

Izzie put a pair of her big brother's jean on her head and this set off all the others. They have just recently started to put things (not hats) on their heads and laugh like it is the funniest thing ever. This of course makes it pretty darn funny and once Mommy starts laughing, they aren't going to stop.

Drew put a pair of his pajama pants on his head.

I put them on Paige, but she did not think it was funny!

Izzie with Larry Boy's head as a hat!
Paige loved the Larry Boy head hat. Of course, it would only stay on her head for 5 seconds, so I spent most of my morning putting Larry Boy's head back on Paige's head.
Julia is our quiet, independent one. She didn't want to play with me and the others, she just sat and read Barnyard Dance. For the 10,000,000th time. I love Sandra Boynton's books so we have a ton, but for whatever reason, my babies love this one. If I have to read it one more time, my head may explode. I gave my husband clear instructions to get rid of it after the babies were in bed last night or at least get it out of the playroom. He thought hiding it behind the toy box was good enough. Really? With these kids? Julia had it out and asked me to read it within 5 minutes of being downstairs.
We have at least one real outing planned for tomorrow, so hopefully the cabin fever will lessen, but until then, we're just all going a little stir crazy together!!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Little Snow Babies

Well, I finally "Mommied up" and did it. I took all 5 kiddos outside to play in the snow. We were all just going a little stir crazy and the only solution was to let them get outside and run around like crazy little snow babies!
The minute he stepped into the yard, poor little Drew fell in the snow. Once I wiped his face off, he was happy as a clam again!

Woops! Down goes Paige!

Izzie loves the snow!!!!

Even Stella was excited to get out and run!

Will shows them how to make snow angels.

Julia was not too impressed with the stuff.
"Really Mom? We left our warm playroom full of toys for this?"

Paige decided she just wanted to eat the snow

Whoa! Big face-plant from Drew!

Paige had a good time

Will said it is more fun being outside with the babies!

Even poor Drew had a good time. He had the hardest time keeping his balance, but every time I picked him up he would be laughing!

Izzie absolutely loved the snow! She would have stayed out there all afternoon if I had let her. She was also the only girl who kept her gloves on the entire time.

The best I could do for a group shot.

It was a lot of fun and I loved watching the babies explore, but with all the time getting everyone dressed, then dealing with all of the wet, snowy clothes when we come in, I may wait until Daddy is home to try it again!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Eve Pictures

Well, the official Christmas festivities began by spending Christmas Eve with my in-laws. We don't get together until evening, so we just went ahead and brought the kids in their jammies. We knew that they would fall asleep on the way home and their jammies were really cute and we wanted to get as much wear time as possible out of them. We had a wonderful evening! The babies had a good time opening presents. Of course they got so many (and have the attention span of 1 yr olds...), that they did get bored and wander off.

Drew and Julia taking a break in Daddy's lap.
Drew seems to be doing the "Daddy is crazy" finger twirl around the ear!

I love this picture of Izzie so excited with the tree in the background.

Julia's cousin Taylor is her Godmother and got her this gorgeous personalized blanket.

Will got new Bakugans(sp?)
this is the only picture I got of him all night before he took off to play with his older cousins in the basement. He's turning into such a big boy!

This is the only picture I have of all four babes and Drew is sitting. Oh well...
Christmas day at home coming shortly!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Yes, I know that I have still not posted any Christmas pictures and I promise that they are coming, but I want to write (type) down my resolutions while they are on my mind. I spent 2008 cooking and having quads. 2009 figuring out what to do with quads. Now, I need to get myself and my life in order. The new year seems to be the perfect opportunity to do just that. For the most part, these are just things I want to focus on this year, and in the coming years. So in no particular order:

1. Pay better attention to my health. Yes, I want to (and probably should) lose weight, but I am not worrying about numbers on the scale or the tag in my jeans. I have been worrying about everyone else's health and not even thought about mine. In October, I was sick. I knew that I was sick, but did I go to the doctor? No. Not for 2 weeks. By the time I got there, I was completely miserable and even on medication it took days before I was even close to myself. Had I gone when I first realized that I was sick, I never would have gotten so worn down and would have bounced right back.
When I was trying to conceive my first son(6yrs ago), my RE recommended exercise. He said obviously it would benefit me to be fit and at a healthy weight when I did conceive, but also it can help relieve some of the incredible stress that goes along with infertility. He was correct. I will never say that I love to exercise, but I am always glad that I did it afterward. Excluding walks around the neighborhood, I have not exercised once since having the quads nearly 16 mos ago-- and I certainly wasn't exercising during that pregnancy! I really want to get started. Not necessarily some major program, but get my butt moving again.
No more mindless eating. I am bad about not eating while I'm watching the kids. Then, when they are all napping, rather than having a healthy lunch, I just grab whatever out of the fridge or pantry and munch. Not ideal. I plan our dinners to be healthy. I need to have healthy lunches and snacks planned and ready for me just like I do for the kids.

2. More hubby time! I adore my husband. (Let me give a quick Happy Anniversary Honey! Love you!-- today is 13 years from our first date...) He is a wonderful husband and an amazing father! In his desire to provide for his family, he is quite the workaholic. He works long hours, typically 6 days a week. I know that I am incredibly fortunate that he provides well enough for our family that I am able to stay home with my kids and we are not saddled with debt or financial stress. That being said, I miss him and due to the stress of being alone with all 5 kids for so much time, I am often just kind of burnt out when he does finally get home. I need to make an effort to a) tell him how grateful I am for all that he does for this family, and b) schedule more time for just the 2 of us. A lot of "experts" recommend weekly date nights. Well, that is just not a possibility for us. I do think that we can manage monthly date nights, though. We need to get out and remember how much we really do enjoy one another's company as people, not just as co-parents.

3. This may sound insignificant, but I need to conquer the chaos that is our babies' clothes. Their dresser and closet situation is out of hand and I really want to get a handle on that. That is more of a now issue than an ongoing one, but seriously affects my life every day! We have 2 closets and 1 large dresser dedicated to their clothes, and it is completely disorganized. I must get this straightened out.

4. Get the kids out of the house (somewhere- anywhere!) more often. Since I am usually going it on my own, the stress that comes with taking 1 four year old and 4 one year olds anywhere often stops me before we have even started. As the babies get bigger, they need more stimulation and a better variety of activities than I can offer them at home. Also, their poor big brother has missed out on a lot of things in the last year or so. I have taken them places successfully by myself and I just need to bite the bullet and do it more often. Of course, as I write this it is snowing and about 22 degrees outside, so that is a challenge in this area, but maybe I can start slowly and by spring, really be up and running.

Well, there you go. There are certainly more things that need to be done for my home and life to be in order, by these are my priorities for the coming year. Hopefully, in 2011, I can just continue what I am already doing!