Sunday, February 28, 2010

Post-Script to Letter to Myself

I am having trouble with the blogger program and couldn't get this picture uploaded with my original "letter to myself" which you can find here
but one final point needs to be addressed.

Dear Self,

Here you are around 31 weeks with Will. You have just been admitted to the hospital for the duration of your pregnancy.
Yes, the belly is huge. Yes, it will get bigger in the next 3 1/2 weeks. No, I have no encouraging words regarding how your belly will look after delivery. In fact, don't think about it. Ignorance is bliss.

Still worth it, even with a jelly belly,

Letter to myself

So this week the question of the day at Multiples and More is a little different. Not so much a question as a chance to write a letter giving all of my hard earned wisdom to the frightened, shaken woman who discovered she was carrying quadruplets almost exactly two years ago.

Remember that fateful day, the one where you found out you were expecting multiples? The emotions that ran through your body, the thoughts you may or may not have felt like sharing, the concerns that started keeping you up at night for the next 7-9 months? Just imagine if you knew then, what you know now.

If you could go back in time (think: Marty McFly) and have a chat with your pregnant self, what would you say?

Dear Beth,

Okay. Take a deep breath. Take a lot of deep breaths. Your world has just been rocked. On 2/27/08, you went to the RE for your 6 week ultrasound. You were simply hoping and praying to see a heartbeat on the monitor. Well, you did. Did you ever! Before you could even absorb the shock of seeing FOUR babies, Dr. Awadalla pulled you into his office to try to convince you to reduce. Terrible odds were given for you and your babies. Right now you are in an awful state. The next 7-10 days are going to be miserable. You and Rod will both walk around in a daze. Neither of you will sleep at night. You will constantly be worried about everything. The babies, Will, Rod, your health, finances, you need a bigger house, you need a bigger car... The worries are endless.

The good news is, just before your 8 week ultrasound, a peace will come over you. You will realize that this is God's plan and will play out according to His will. And let me tell you, His plan is amazing. You will have a smooth pregnancy. You will make your goal and carry the babies to 34 weeks and 2 days. They will be born strong and healthy. And beautiful. I know that isn't supposed to matter, but when you look at those beautiful faces, they will take your breath away.

Yes, your life is going to be crazy and there will be times that all 5 kids need you and you don't feel like you are able to be enough Mom. Those times are not the norm and they will pass. What will be your norm will be 5 amazing kids you love more than words can express. And they love you too! The excitement when they see you each morning, is motivation enough to get you out of bed even on the days you just want to sleep in.

You will get to watch Will turn into a proud big brother. He loves those babies so much! And they adore him. There is nothing like watching him play with them and make them laugh. He is such a good big boy!

You also get to watch four babies grow together, yet become individuals. They are wonderfully different, yet belong together. This is a wild, but incredibly fun ride. Not many get tickets for this ride, but you did. You have been blessed.

Sit back and try to soak this all in. The best years of your life are coming, relax and enjoy them.

Your happy future self (yes, you WILL be happy)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy's Lil' Animals

My sister-in-law, Laura, gave the babies the cutest animal towels! After baths the other night I tried to get pictures of the crew in them. They did not cooperate in the least! I didn't even bother trying for a group shot. Even with the babies being silly and trying to squirm out of their towels, I love how cute they are in the towels. All sweet and clean!

Izzie is an adorable little froggy
Yay for frogs!!

Julia is the happiest little crab you'll ever see!

She is so skinny she can hardly keep the towel on her shoulders.

Drew is a scary shark!

Yeah! He showed that towel who was boss!

Little Ducky Paige

Look at that sweet face peeking out. Don't you just want to eat her up?!?!

Tea Party!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had bought a tea set for a friend's daughter and liked it so much I bought one for when my girls were old enough. The birthday party was last weekend and Emily, my friend's daughter, liked the tea set so much, she opened it right then and all of the kids played with it. I was surprised how much my kids liked it! The babies didn't necessarily understand the idea of a tea party, but they loved carrying around the little dishes.
Last week, I woke up one day not feeling so hot. I wasn't really up to entertaining the crew all day, so I needed something to keep them busy and happy. I had just gotten an old kitchen from a friend whose kids had outgrown it, but it didn't have any dishes or anything. I decided my best bet was to bring out the tea set.

The Disney Princess Tea Set. All of the pieces store in this big, pretty tea pot.

Will modeling our "new" kitchen.

He took charge and microwaved the tea for the babies.
(yep, he's my kid. Well versed in using the microwave.)

He poured tea and handed out the "princess cookies."

Drew must have really liked those cookies!!

Julia loving her tea!

Paige getting out all of the pieces.

Izzie just chillin' with her cup of tea.

It actually was a fun day (and Mommy got to rest a little bit.) All five kids had a great time pouring tea and drinking tea and feeding Mommy teaspoons full of tea. We have had the tea set out for 4-5 days now and it is still played with everyday. As parents of short attention spanned 1 and 4 yr olds know, that says a lot! I am still hopeful that in a while we can have a formal "tea party", but until then, we are loving the princess tea set!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Prison Break!

Enough already! I had been trapped in the house with the kids too long. Rod had a day off, so we went to the play area in our local mall with my sister Joanna and her two girls Alex (4yo) and Kate (21 mos.) My parents also came to play with the kiddos. It was nice for us to get out and good for the kids to spend some time with their cousins and have fun climbing and running. Julia loving the slide!

Paige sitting on a log with Grandpa!

Alex on top of a woolly mammoth with Kate and Izzie watching.

Kate getting onto the slide

Izzie sitting on a butterfly

Daddy spent a lot of time playing Goalie at the entrance. It was his job to keep all kids in the play area!

But he got in some play time with Alex.



Paige sitting on the butterfly with Grandma



Lunch at the food court. Everyone was very good and ate well.

Will and Daddy took a ride on the carousel in the food court.

It is a big double decker carousel.
We did have a little bit of a scare after lunch. We were loading into the elevator to go back downstairs to our cars. When the elevator doors opened, Will and Kate stepped in and suddenly the doors closed. Joanna and I lunged for the doors. We were able to get the outer doors open, but the door to the elevator car was still closed. I turned to run for the stairs hoping to catch them at the bottom, but just then the doors opened. Will had pressed the "door open" button. What a smart boy! When I told him I was so proud that he thought to press that button, he asked, "Was I a hero?" Yeah, you were buddy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Martha Stewart Would be So Ashamed!

So with all of our snow cancelling school the last few days, I've been trying to keep Will busy and happy without being able to play outside and not wanting to resort to planting him in front of the TV. This weekend when I was at the grocery store, I bought a sugar cookie mix. Yesterday, I decided that Will and I could make Valentine's cookies. He was excited about the idea, so once the babies were napping, we got started.

We had a small hiccup with the mix. In order to make cut-out cookies like we wanted, you were supposed to add all-purpose flour to the mix. I didn't have any all-purpose flour, but I did have whole wheat flour. Substitution made.

So we finish the mix until it is a thick dough. Well, I hadn't really thought it through, but, as you may have guessed by making sugar cookies from a mix (my Mother was horrified!), I'm not really a baker. Because of this, I do not own a rolling pin. Well, I may not be a baker, but I can think on my feet! In case you ever need to know, sugar cookie dough can be rolled out with a bottle of rum. Yep, my 4 year old and I rolled out the dough with a bottle of Captain Morgan's. Norman Rockwell never painted that one, did he?

After we got the dough rolled out to about the right thickness, I told Will, "Now comes the fun part. We get to use cookie cutters!" I don't know why I was sure I had heart shaped cookie cutters (other than I seem to imagine I have baking gear I don't really have.) When we couldn't find any hearts, I told Will that we could just cut hearts with a butter knife. Unfortunately, I had already talked up the cookie cutters. He really wanted to use them, so we have Christmas trees, ghosts, pumpkins and bunnies. They don't really scream Valentine's Day, so they? I tried to at least keep the decorations Valentine's-y.

After we baked and decorated the cookies, came the good part. We got to eat some! Will was very excited, but didn't finish his one cookie. I tried one and they just weren't very good. I swallowed my pride and called my Mom. Turns out whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour aren't really interchangeable. Oh. They weren't gross, they just weren't good. Besides, you put frosting and sugar on most anything, it's edible.

Okay, so I am willing to concede that this was not my finest moment. I will not, however, call it a failure. Will and I had plenty of fun making and decorating the cookies. I then had fun later that night having Will proudly show the cookies to his Dad and have him eat one. How could Dad tell his sweet son the cookie wasn't good? He had to eat the whole thing! Good times, good times...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Will's Babies

So on the babies' first birthday (5 mos ago today!), the girls were each given a baby doll by a family friend. At the time, the babies weren't really too interested in them. Will, however, took a definite interest in them. He loves to carry them around and play with them.

(On a slightly disturbing note, he says that his wife was eaten by a barracuda. Apparently his reference for a single Dad is Finding Nemo. He does say that one day he will find a new wife and she will be their Mommy. He is so funny!)

So he loves his little babies and he has named them Angela, Jesus and Angela. In case you are wondering, I can't think of a single Angela he would know. Also, we are not Hispanic and it is not hay-zoose, it is gee-zus. Where these names came from, I have no clue. Well, I know where he has heard Jesus, but to the best of my knowledge, he has never heard of anyone else named Jesus. And both girls being named Angela? Well, all of us multiples parents know how hard it is to come up with enough names. I guess that he just found a girl's name he really liked and stuck with it!

But just recently, the story of Will's babies got even better. I had a friend stop by and Will was showing her all of his toys. He brought out the babies and explained, "I have three quadruplets." I was cracking up! I guess he's never heard the term triplet. He is only four and doesn't know any triplets. He has certainly heard the word quadruplet enough in the last couple of years!

Will, Jesus, Angela and Angela

Beautiful Blogger Award

I have been given the Beautiful Blogger Award by Kandi at Twin-Spiration.

You should definitely go check out her blog. She is funny and down to earth. Also, she has adorable identical twin girls!

I am extremely grateful, but fear I may not have been a good choice. I started blogging fairly recently and really enjoy getting thoughts and pictures together and sharing them with others. I have recently found some other blogs that I really enjoy checking out. I have "met" some wonderful women, other MoMs who can appreciate what my life is like.

That being said, I am computer ignorant. Seriously, my husband is amazed that I have figured out the bit I have about the blogger program. Already, I have been completely unable to get the award onto my page. I would like to think I have some computer skills, but I am consistently reminded-- not so much. So I will do my best here, but seriously-- I'm not working with much!

Okay, so here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and insert a link to their blog.
Thank you so much Kandi! It is very exciting to get my first blog award! Really- everyone should go check out her blog. You won't be sorry!

2. Pass on the award to about 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are great!
15?!?!?!?! Let's remember, I'm in the remedial computer class. I think I'll just pick my 5 favorite blogs I've found recently.

3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they have been chosen for this award.

4. Say 7 things about yourself.

7 things about me

1. I am the 5th of eight children. I have 2 older sisters, 2 older brothers and 3 younger sisters. All singletons. I love big families. I never thought I would have a big family of my own.

2. I met my husband when I was in the 8th grade and he was a freshman in high school. We did not begin to date until we were in college. We have been married for 9 years.

3. My guilty pleasure (which I have not indulged in forever) is a lazy day of junk tv. You know, the shows on E! and VH1. I can waste an entire afternoon sitting on the couch watching that junk. I really miss it.

4. I am a picky eater and wish I wasn't. Therefore, my children must eat everything. I try my best to expose them to all types of food (although sometimes me stomach turns while I feed it to them.) So far all 5 are really good eaters and will eat pretty much whatever is put in front of them. I hope this continues.

5. I worry obsessively. This is not a good trait for a mother of 5 small children. Especially now that the babies are climbing everything. The only upside is I have already planned out emergencies. I know who to call at what time of day to come stay with the other children while I rush the victim to the hospital. Yes, I said victim. I may also be slightly dramatic in my worries.

6. It has been a very difficult transition for me going from Working Mom to SAHM. However, I was venting to my husband one day and he said if I was unhappy we could look into nannies and I should go back to work. I was very surprised that I immediately said No. It is tough some days, but I love being the one to cheer my kids on and catch them when they fall and kiss their boo-boo's. It's a challenge, but aren't most good things in life?

7. I still harbor a not-so-secret desire for another child. I love being pregnant- even my quad pregnancy wasn't too bad. The only thing that made it high-risk was having four. I never had any other complications. I can't get pregnant, but I can stay pregnant. I love newborns. There is simply nothing else like a tiny helpless bundle of sweetness. Don't get me wrong, my kids are actually getting more and more fun as they get older and do more things, but I still ache a bit for a precious little baby to be in my arms.

Well, there we go. Now the important stuff- passing this on to other bloggers I've recently found

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Make sure you stop by to visit these blogs. They are all wonderful blogs by fellow Mothers of Multiples.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It Really Wasn't an Awful Week!!!!!

Okay, I need to apologize for my last post. A Mommy temper tantrum is no good. Sadly, even my self-imposed time out didn't help too much. I was able to be less nasty, but still couldn't find the joy. I am not sure exactly when, but sometime today, I was finally able to snap myself out of it. I was dwelling on some of the bad things that had happened, when I had to start laughing. My kids are pretty awesome. Even when they are misbehaving they are so clever! My babies are advanced for any 17 mo old, but preemies? Will can absolutely make me crazy, but most of that is because he is so smart and curious about everything. I do want to discipline him and teach him self-control, but I hope I do not break his spirit. I love his spirit.

So in honor of my returned happiness to be my children's Mother, here are some highlights of this week:

-I accidentally left a pen in the babies' playroom. I found Paige drawing on her arm with it. I went to take it from her, and she passed it off to Julia who took off across the room with it. After a long foot chase and a couple more hand offs, I finally got the pen. Frustrating, but glad to see the quads can work together.

-Julia has always been giggly. She laughs all the time at everything. I think that this is why she is a Daddy's girl. Men love girls that laugh at their jokes. She has recently developed a fake laugh. She walks around going,"yuk, yuk, yuk!" It is completely phony! What one year old has a fake laugh?!?

-I was with Will and we were practicing writing his letters in a notebook. He said he had to go potty and asked if I, "could pause this." I swear he doesn't watch much tv, but I guess it really sinks in!

-Will somehow found a bottle of cologne (my husband has allergies and doesn't wear any.) He and the dog were both soaked in it!! Several baths later, Will isn't too bad, but Stella still stinks! She now smells like a combination of cologne, dog and shampoo. Not pleasant, trust me!

-Drew has learned how funny it is to fart. If anyone passes gas he laughs. If he passes gas? Hilarious! He cracks up and he has the most contagious laugh. I am really trying not to laugh with him because I don't want to encourage potty humor. Unfortunately, his big belly laughs are hard to resist!

-We have a Sesame Street "Sing Yourself Silly" dvd with monsters whose noses honk and monsters who have dingers on their heads. The babies have started "honking" their noses and "dinging" their heads along with the song. Kind of the cutest thing ever.

-I got out to buy a birthday gift for a friend's daughter. The Disney store near us is closing and Emily loves princesses, so I stopped in to see what I could find. They had these adorable princess tea sets on sale. Not only did I buy one for Emily, but I went ahead and got one for my girls. I figured I could set it aside until they are old enough. I am really looking forward to tea parties!

You know, once I sit down and start thinking about some high points of the week, I really could go on and on and bore everyone. From time to time I need to shake myself out of a funk and remember how incredibly blessed I am to be leading this life and raising these kids!