Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Fashionista!

The kids and I were playing down in the basement. I left them down there alone for a few minutes to get lunch ready. I called down the stairs for them to come up for lunch and this is what Paige looked like when she came up.

A stuffed animal's "night-night" hat crammed on her head and a dress-up white glove as a sock.
These kids make me laugh every day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Yesterday, Izzie kept singing this song. I finally asked if she wanted me to video tape her. She said, "Yes Mommy!"

I sent the video to Rod and he said he couldn't understand what she is saying. She is singing the Barney song, Mr. Sun. The kids love that song!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Birthday Celebration... Just a Little Late

Our little quaddies turned two on Wednesday, September 8th. Two days later we left for vacation. This didn't give us much time for a birthday party. A second birthday must be celebrated, even if it is a little late! We had a joint party with my nephew Huck who turned four on September 22nd. We all got together at a local pizza place for lunch and cupcakes, then went to the zoo. Yummy pizza and cupcakes, a fun afternoon with beautiful weather at the zoo... it was the perfect birthday party!!

Izzie enjoying a cupcake


Drew shoved a huge chunk in his mouth

Paige nibbled on hers

My six favorite people going in to the zoo

just a couple monkeys monkeying around...

We took the choo-choo, but also brought the quads' harnesses.
The big kids loved holding the leads and the quads loved getting to walk around!

and Will loved the choo-choo being available for a ride!

The kids (and a few Dads)
Rod, Patrick, Kate, Drew, Gus, Will, Daniel, Huck, Zoe, Izzie, Alex, Brian, Julia, Paige and Max

It was a great day and fun to celebrate two years with our amazing family!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Day in North Carolina

On our last day in North Carolina we went to The Graveyard of the Atlantic. It is a small museum about ship wrecks. They had a special display about pirates.

The crew at the museum

There was a pirate cut-out at the museum. The quads loved it-- I had to pull them away, but Will wouldn't put his face in it.

Here is Pirate Izzie

Pirate Julia

Pirate Drew

Pirate Paige.
It is impossible to get a pic of this girl smiling.
She sticks her face in a pirate cut-out and smiles.
Not sure what this says about her...

The giant anchor outside

Everyone else went out to lunch, but we had to take the kids home to nap. Unfortunately, we forgot to get the key from anyone.

Rod breaking in to the house.
I was glad we got in, but a little concerned about how simple it was.

Once everyone had lunch, took a nap and had a chance to regroup, we took the crew swimming at a beach on the sound side of the island. It was absolutely perfect! It was shallow and warm. There were no real waves. It was basically a giant kiddie pool! The only downside was we didn't go there until the last day of vacation!

Everyone relaxing in the sound

They could sit down and play.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The North Carolina Aquariun

We spent a morning at the North Carolina Aquarium. We went with my sister Cathy, her husband Brian and their boys Gus, Max and Huck. The aquarium was smaller than I expected, but what was there was very nice.

Everyone on our way in

The big boys
Will (with some crazy hair), Max, Huck and Gus

The quads wanted a turn
Drew, Paige, Julia and Izzie (and Daddy)

Will and Huck take a break on an alligator
(or is it a crocodile?)

Will and Gus in a "shark tank"

Daddy and Izzie touching sting rays

Julia touching a star fish

Drew listening to a conch shell

Max, Huck and Will

Outside of the indoor exhibits, there was an area where the kids were able to dig for shark teeth!

Will and Rod worked hard

Izzie loved her shovel!

Huck and Drew digging

Julia loved the little sifter

Paige was wild! Gravel was flying everywhere.

We had eight children and two adults digging for a pretty long time and no one found anything:(
Will found something that he thinks is a piece of a shark's tooth. It was definitely different than most of the gravel and it made him happy, so we just went along with him.
Overall the aquarium was a success. The kids had a good time. Unfortunately, the quads had reached their limit and we needed to call it a day. We had planned to go to a beach there on Roanoke Island, but the quads had to go home. Luckily, Cathy and Brian took Will along with their boys. Will had a great time!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Washable Markers

This is a completely unsolicited review of a product my crew tried out today. I have not been paid (didn't even get the markers free), but I was so impressed with Crayola's Washable Markers that I had to spread the word.

This afternoon we had a short rainstorm. Since we had to be inside, it seemed the perfect opportunity to break out the art paper and washable markers I picked up when back to school supplies were on sale. The quads had fun coloring, but I'm pretty sure we are raising a set of scientists! When they heard that these markers were supposed to be washable, they decided to perform some little experiments. Believe me, they put these markers through some serious tests.

Paige's drawing

Paige's purple hand and mustache

Completely washed off!!
All of the kids were just washed at the bathroom sink with hand soap and water.
No serious scrubbing, no full bath. It was simple!
Julia's drawing

I accidentally deleted Julia's before picture.
I meant to get rid of the red eye and accidentally hit delete.
They really need an "undelete" button for idiots like me.

Clean again

Izzie's masterpiece

Izzie looked like a vampire!

All washed off!
(that spot on her arm is a temporary tattoo)

Drew's work of art

Drew really wanted to test the washability of these markers

He really gets in to his experiments!!

Clean as a whistle!!

In the interest of being thorough, Paige and Drew
also made sure to get marker on their shirts to test how they wash out of clothing.

Blue marker on Paige's shirt

Came out in one wash

Drew really let his shirt have it!

washed out-- no problem!

Always willing to go the extra mile, they even got marker on the table

Came off with one wipe!!

I am in love with these markers! Any markers where I can let the kids go wild
and not have to worry about them staying blue (or green, or red, or purple...)
for the rest of the week is definitely going to be used in this house!