Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a very merry Christmas and hope that you all did as well.
We are incredibly blessed!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Funny Paige

When I went to transfer the pictures of the kids at our church's Christmas party from the camera to the computer, I also found these pictures I had forgotten about. Last week the kids were helping me move some things around in the garage, including our beach bag. The kids started poking around in it looking to see what all was in there. Paige found a pair of swim goggles she played with for a bit.

That evening, Rod and I told the kids to go get undressed and ready for their baths. Paige went to take her clothes to the laundry room (which is right next to the garage.) When she came back, what did she have on?

The goggles of course!

In fact, she wore them the entire bath

Such a funny kid!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Christmas-ing

We have been thoroughly enjoying this holiday season. While it can be a bit tiring for Mom and Daddy, the kids are such great ages! They have really enjoyed all of the Christmas activities we have done this year. Last weekend we went to our church's Christmas party. It was a lot of fun and there was plenty for the kids to do. They had dinner, crafts, games, a Santa's workshop... We had fun helping the kids, but I didn't get many pictures.

our niece Ana and the kids with St. Nick

Father Mario read the story of Jesus' birth from the bible to all of the kids

the kids with Father Mario

(well, except Julia. She and Rod had wandered off...)

While we have loved all of the Christmas events we have attended, it was nice to reflect on the real meaning of the holiday.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Lunch

This weekend my multiples group had our annual Santa Lunch. We were really looking forward to it. It is always a nice event and the quads are at such a great age this year. They are really enjoying all of the Christmas preparations and were eager to talk to the big man.

Everybody was ready to go!

Once we got there we all ate lunch.



Will (practicing for GQ)

Mommy with Drew

The kids met with Santa and they did a great job! Nobody was too afraid. They all went and climbed on his lap. Some even told him what they want for Christmas.

Once all of the kids had a chance to sit and talk to him, Santa went to leave. Well, once he stepped off of the stage he was swarmed by my kids. The wanted one more minute with Santa.

Not sure what they're telling him here...

but he was wonderful and listened to every word!

The family

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saint Nicholas Day

Today is the feast day of Saint Nicholas so you know what that means-- Last night he visited and left treats for the kids!! Somehow this year I was unprepared. Really unprepared. Like running to the store after the kids were in bed last night kind of unprepared. Oh well. Everything got done and the kids had fun this morning. It may have been hectic for Mommy, but St. Nick's day was still a success!

I know that traditionally the gifts are left in shoes,

but we cheat and use the kids' stockings.

Drew showing off some of his goodies

(nice bed-head dude!)

The girls have been playing with their little bitty princesses all day.

When I was uploading these pictures I realized that I don't have a single picture of Will from this morning. He was the first one awake and had emptied his stocking before I even got the camera. After that, he had to go to school :-( He certainly was happy to come home this evening to his new toys!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Christmas Parade

This weekend out city held its Christmas Parade and Walk. The weather was absolutely perfect! A bit cool to really feel like the holidays, but warm enough to be comfortable. We took the kids a met up with some of Rod's family. We all had a good time!

Back Row: nephew Evan, sister Laura, Aunt Connie, Paige and Rod

Front Row: niece Ana, Julia, Izzie (turning to see if the parade had started), Drew and Will

The girls had the best seats in the house!

(This picture cracks me up!! The girls are pulling the guys faces up and the resulting expressions are hilarious. I probably shouldn't post it, but Rod never reads this blog, so- oh well!)

The kids loved the parade!!

There was a marching band

And plenty of floats

(everything was lit up, so my pictures are terrible, but it was very pretty!)

Then we walked around and enjoyed some of the activities the city had arranged.

They had cut-outs


Delicious cookies-- With green frosting!

Julia (aren't those eyes too much?!?)

a big train display

and a couple of historic homes were decorated and offering tours

The crew on the porch of one historic home

(Will had gone off with his cousin Ana at this point. Some Nickelodeon star was there signing autographs. Will had no idea who she was, but wanted to be with Ana.)

It was a lovely night and such a fun kick-off to the Christmas season!

Monday, November 28, 2011


While I know a few people who had imaginary friends when they were young, I never did. Honestly, I have always assumed that they were really just for only children, or maybe an oldest before siblings. I grew up the fifth of eight children. I felt no need to imagine any more peers. A friend of mine had an imaginary friend, but she was 9 years older than her only sibling. My sister-in-law also had one, but she is an only child. So for years now, I have been certain that kids in the middle of a medium-to-large family would not create any imaginary friends. And I have been wrong.

Drew has an imaginary friend. I was so surprised! I mean he is a quadruplet, surrounded by kids all day every day. Several people have thought maybe he just wanted another boy around. Nope! His i.f. is a girl named Maggie.

We first heard about her a couple of months ago. He would just be playing and having a normal day, then he would mention his friend Maggie. We don't know anyone named Maggie, so I asked about her. He just answered me plainly like this was all very obvious and I should know these answers. When I wasn't able to figure out who she was, I asked him where he met her. He told me he met her at church. I couldn't think of any Maggies at our church. At Mass we usually sit with my sister-in-law Laura and her family. I called her and asked if she knew who Maggie was, thinking maybe it was a friend of hers or one of her kids'. Nope. She doesn't know who Maggie is.

Drew loves to talk about Maggie. She seems to like all the same things he does! This morning he told me that it was her birthday. We had a small nirthday party for her complete with singing and imaginary candle on and imaginary cake (Drew told me she blew them all out.) He told me that Maggie wanted to hold my hand, so I held a little imaginary hand. We continued playing, then nealry an hour later, Drew looked at me and scolded, "Mommy you aren't holding Maggie's hand anymore!" Oops! These imaginary kids are hard to keep up with!

So far we haven't had any trouble with Maggie-- I have heard of kids blaming things on their imaginary friends and antics like that. She seems pretty well behaved. My concern is more with Drew. Occasionally he will tell me that Maggie is really sick and might die. A few times she has died. Unfortunately, my children have learned about death recently with Stella and Meemaw. I guess that he is just using his i.f. to work on this idea. I just try to assure him that if Maggie, or anyone else, gets sick we will take them to the doctor and help them feel better.

While I was surprised that one of kids has an imaginary friend, so far it is actually kind of fun. Drew loves to talk about Maggie and tell us what she is doing or what she wants to do and I like to hear him talk about her. I'm interested in just how long Maggie will be staying with us. At least she is one kid that never makes a mess and doesn't create any laundry!

Isn't Maggie a lucky girl?

Who wouldn't want to be friends with this sweet boy?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

World's Worst Blogger

I don't know what has been going on the last couple of months. I let a couple of weeks go without posting anything on the blog. I write a post and promise to do a better job of keeping up. Then I go another two weeks without posting anything. I can't seem to keep it up.

Well, I have received a few blogger awards and seen many more floating around. I'm sure that everyone knows what I am talking about. In honor of my recent suck-y-ness in blogging, I have decided to give myself the World's Worst Blogger Award! Typically with these awards, you need to list seven things about yourself, but I think with the WWB Award, you should list seven things that have happened since you last bothered to blog.

1. Will has a girlfriend. Or at least he has begun calling Macy his girlfriend. Macy lives up the street from us and she and Will have been in the same class since preschool. Her mother told me about a year ago that Macy loves Will and tells everyone she is going to marry him. I asked Will about this at the time and he said that he doesn't have a girlfriend and they are just friends. I told him that was good. He has a long time before he needs to be thinking about girlfriends. Well, just the other day we were talking and he casually mentioned his girlfriend. I asked what he was talking about and he says, "Mom, you know Macy." Yes, I know Macy, but a girlfriend?!? I tried not to make a big deal about it (because I know that it truly means nothing right now), but my heart broke just a little bit. How can Will be talking about girlfriends? Next thing you know he'll be driving and asking to stay out late. I don't like it.

2. Rod and I went to Will's parent/teacher conference. His teacher only had wonderful things to say about him. I am so proud of the little boy Will has become. Not only is his very smart, she commented several times on how considerate and respectful he is. Does this Mommy's heart good. I know that my son is wonderful, but I really love to hear other people say so :-)

3. We went to the mall with Aunt Laura. We played in the play area, then went and had lunch. Since the kids were so good, they got to ride the carousel.

Izzie and Julia on the carousel

Then Laura bought the kids funny knit hats!

They love them and every now and then will break into the closet and get them. I should be annoyed that they're dragging stuff out of the closet, but they are so cute, I usually let it go.

4. Will has been climbing the walls.
I have found him doing this very often lately.

5. We celebrated Thanksgiving. Twice! We had Turkey Day with Rod's family last weekend, then with my family on Thanksgiving. We had a great time both days. Delicious food and it is always so nice to spend time with our families. I love how excited the kids always are to be with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!

6. This weekend we began getting ready for Christmas. We got out a lot of the decorations and (most importantly) watched Elf for the first time of the season. I absolutely love that movie. We showed it to Will for the first time last year and he thought it was hilarious. This year we all watched it together and all of us enjoyed it!

7. Just tonight, we were letting the kids play after dinner. They have a container full of costume jewelry they love to play with. Drew was digging through it and found a ring. He walked over to Paige, held it out to her and said, "Will you marry me?" I have no idea how he knew how to propose, but seriously-- how cute are these kids?!?! By the way, Paige said yes and took the ring. I asked Paige, "Are you going to marry Drew?" She said yes, then Julia said, "I'm not going to marry Izzie!" These kids crack me up! I love watching and hearing their little minds attempt to figure out this funny world.

Well, there you have it. Seven things that have happened since I last posted. With most awards, this is where I would pass it on to other bloggers, but this one is all mine. I am the World's Worst Blogger. Oh the shame... I won't bother with another promise to post more often. We'll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Give me a Wink

The other morning while the kids were eating their breakfast, I winked at them. This started everyone trying to wink. The results had me cracking up!

Julia could not wink at all,

but she kept trying and saying, "I wink, Mommy!"

Izzie would just blink really hard. Not quite honey...

Paige, however,

was pretty good.

She definitely could wink,

but the faces she would make while winking were killing me!

Look at that cute little wink!

What did Drew do when I asked him to wink?

Yeah, thanks buddy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year, Halloween was a month long celebration for us. We had several events through out October all leading up to the big day. The quads are old enough to be excited for Halloween and Will is still young enough to love it, so we went ahead and kept celebrating!

First we made and decorated Halloween sugar cookies.

The kids are always excited to help with colored frosting and sprinkles! Everyone set up and ready to go

(yes, I know I have an extra child. Will's friend Zach was over that day.)

Drew working on his.




The decorating got messy enough that everyone needed a bath afterward!

Then we went and celebrated at Rod's parents' campground.
This was the kids' first time to wear their costumes this year and they were very excited!!

As soon as we got to the campground, the kids took a ride with Grandpa on his golf cart.

The three little pigs and the big, bad wolf

a tough ninja

My in-laws camp with a group of their friends and this was all of the

group's grandchildren ready to go trick-or-treating.

Cuddling with Aunt Myra after trick-or-treating

(Drew loves her I-phone!)

Then playing in the camper afterward.

We also went to a party with my multiples group.

I didn't get many pictures, but this one makes me laugh.

Izzie and Paige claimed to be afraid of the giant spider web,
but kept wanting to play with it!

Then it was time to carve a pumpkin!

Rod and Will did most of the work while the quads watched, but everyone had fun.

scooping out the guts

Will was very proud of their handy work.

Finally, the big night-- Halloween!

The crew was all ready to go!

We let the kids eat a lot of candy last night, but now I need to get this out of the house! A month of trick-or-treating times five equals a ton of candy. While I was sorting through the kids bag, I did find a really gross piece of candy- An ear. (I think it's chocolate, but I didn't investigate to find out.) It even has hair coming out and a jagged 'bloody' edge as though it had been torn off. Eeewwww!

I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!