Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowy Fun... Or Not

We had more snowfall here in the last week. The kids get so excited when they see snow! They wanted to go out and play. I thought it would be good to let them go out and burn off a bunch of energy. After a solid half hour (minimum) getting everyone in their snow gear, we headed out.

Drew was so excited to get out there! He started his funny little Drew-chuckle immediately and smiled and laughed the entire time.

Paige really wanted to build a snowman (No-Man? as she kept asking), but the snow was really light and powdery. We weren't having much luck, so eventually we gave up the mission.

Drew making a snow angel

Ultimately, the kids ended up loving just throwing snowballs. Really, they were just throwing handfuls of snow (since it was so powdery), but they loved it.

They had a "snowball fight." No actual balls were formed and they weren't throwing it at anyone, but they stood there throwing snow for a long time and loving it!

Yeah, they were cute and they had a lot of fun. Sadly, however, their mother is a complete klutz. I was walking down the hill to the kids (which bundled-up two year olds had traveled with no trouble) when I slipped and fell in the snow. I twisted my knee really badly. Fortunately, it has been a day and a half now and it is starting to feel a bit better. I'm pretty sure that it's just pulled muscles- nothing too serious, but I'm still limping and quite pitiful (and really wishing we had bought a ranch!) Oh, yeah-- the best part is in two days my husband has a big work party and I'm supposed to wear high heels and dance all night. Uh, we'll see how that goes... I'm glad that the kids had a good time playing in the snow, but they aren't getting back out there until Daddy can take them.

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  1. Oh, no! It won't do to have Mommy out of commission! Hope your knee feels better soon, Beth!