Friday, January 21, 2011

Would You Like That Starched?

Oh my. In our area, we are on snow day #2. We have a lot of snow, but more than that-- it is freezing!! Eight degrees with a wind chill below zero. This weather is fit for neither man nor beast. I'm not leaving the house. Since we weren't going anywhere, we have had a pajama day. No one has gotten dressed. We've had a fun day playing together inside. The girls were in the living room playing with Will's Scooby-Doo Haunted Mansion. Drew and Will had on their superhero capes and were running around saving the world. A perfectly nice morning.

I left them all playing happily and went into the kitchen to get lunch started. After a few minutes, I heard Will say, "Uh... Mom? The babies got into something." I went to find out what had happened. Well, this is what I found...

I keep a box of corn starch by the changing pad for diaper rash.
They found it and emptied the entire box.

All over everything!!

The table and kids were easy to wipe clean and I was pleased with how well the couch cleaned up with the vacuum attachment. The carpet? Well, I've gone over it several times now and it is still not completely up. Good times, good times...


  1. Oh, I bet they had a lot of fun making that mess!!! I guess it's a good thing that they know how to entertain themselves on a snowy day? lol

  2. I was just thinking I was so glad to hear you were having such a nice day...until I saw the mess. So sorry! Reminds me of a moment I had just a few months ago. VERY similar mess! Amazingly not so hard to clean - thank goodness for vacuums!

    Loved all your comments about the dog. If I had quads the dog would not get fed either. When our first twins were born I couldn't even think about the dog. I don't know how she survived but she DID develop these chronic bladder infections that no antibiotic would get rid of. As soon as she went to the grandparents she got better. I think it was stress from the babies and the neglect.

  3. Oh, boy have I had to deal with similar messes! My twins have a lovely habit of sneaking into the pantry, taking out all the cereal boxes, and emptying them all over the floor! Mmmm...the joys of parenting! :)

  4. Now it's your turn! :) Glad it wasn't sticky, but I bet you had little plumes of white dust for a while! Too funny! Don't you feel like about every week or so we have to re-babyproof areas of our home? I know I'm behind in some areas! Wish we lived closer to play in the snow with all of you! Just raining here! What are you doing with kiddos and strollers when you go out? Have you found a favorite? I'm on our 4th triple stroller combo and about to purchase the choo choo wagon to get us through the summer.

  5. I just found your website and WOW! If I ever thought had my hands full, I take it back and bow down to you my friend. You have quite a handful but let me say they are an absolutely gorgeous one indeed. Your family is beautiful!

    I can't imagine the chaos, but also the smiles and the love. Those photos are precious. Look at them with the cornstarch, lol.

    God bless you. I'm a new follower and mom of half quads (twins) :) I look forwarding to reading and viewing more.

    Hugs, Shelly