Friday, February 25, 2011


The other evening, I was so excited to see that Andrea at The Mays Twins had given me The Stylish Blogger Award! I love Andrea's blog. She has boy/girl twins that just turned three years old, Luke and Molly. They are absolutely adorable (and I love their names!) She works full-time outside of the home and still manages to keep it all together. Very impressive! You should go check out her blog.
Thank you so much Andrea!!

So, yes. initially I was excited. That is, until I realized that I was supposed to list seven things about myself. The problem here is, I'm not particularly interesting. I was so unsure of what to list, that I put it off for days! Finally, I decided that I would make a list of things I love or hate. Simple, but still gets the idea across, right? Well, I hope so. Here goes...

1. I LOVE the sitcom Friends. I know all of the story lines and can quote way too much. I love singing Phoebe's terrible songs. It has been off the air for years and I still reference it nearly daily. It is still probably my favorite television show.

2. I HATE laundry. I'm not a great housekeeper, but try to keep the house decent. In order to achieve this, I must close the door to the laundry room. It is horrible!! I have dirty clothes waiting to be washed. I have clean clothes waiting to be put away... I fear I will never be caught up.

3. I LOVE white wine. Yeah, maybe that isn't okay to say, but it is true. I never have more than one glass, but I love, love, love that glass!

4. I HATE driving in bad weather. We have had a rough winter around here which means I don't go anywhere. I am a nervous driver no matter what, but if there is ice on the roads, no way! We'll just stay home, thankyouverymuch!

5. I LOVE reading. After the quaddies arrival, I took a break from reading. Just didn't have time and I was so tired I would fall asleep after one paragraph when I tried. Things are somewhat under control at this point (I said somewhat...), so I have picked up my books again. Yay! I am still reading the old fashioned way-- from books. I swear I change my mind at least once a day about purchasing a Kindle or some other e-reader. (If any of you have a strong opinion about them, leave a comment and let me know what you think.)

6. I HATE night terrors. Seriously, Will had them as a toddler and they have resurfaced. Even though I know what they are now, they still scare me. Not to mention waking me and the rest of the house in the middle of the night. Not much fun.

7. I LOVE getting the kids out of bed in the morning. Well, truthfully, this is a LOVE/HATE. I am not a morning person and I usually hate to get out of bed, but the quads are always so happy to see me. I walk in the room to clapping and cheers! Shouldn't we all start every day that way?

I know that technically I am supposed to pass this on to other bloggers, but I am wussing out. I love a bunch of blogs and can't pick who should get it, so... I'm cheating and just avoiding that whole part.


  1. must have been reading and commenting on my blog just as I was reading yours! I always say there is a reason God made kids cute! If they weren't cute, it would be alot harder to deal with their crap! LOL!
    I love this post! I am just like you....I hate laundry! In fact, I folded 5 baskets of laundry today. I have been putting off doing it, and finally made myself do it.
    I love to read too. I used to read all the time before my kids, and I have now finally started reading more and more as they get older. Lee got me a kindle for my birthday. I like it, but I would still rather read a "real" book! I would say I read actual books more often than reading on my kindle.

  2. I can say i don't mind doing laundry, putting them in the washer/dryer and pulling them out. Now about folding them is a different story, the wife hates the way i fold so most of the times i leave it up to her. I'm good at sorting them all out, just not the folding I guess. It drives my wife crazy that i just leave my clothes in the laundry basket, and pick out clothes out in the morning to wear.

  3. Awwww.....thanks Beth! Your kind words mean alot! I am right there with you on your love/hates! I didn't disagee on a single one. The same thing happened to me on reading books after the twins. I used to read a book a very lucky to get one read a month! Then i have to back track to try and catch up because i have forgotton what i already read. Oh maybe that is due to getting older! :) thanks so much for playing along! btw-You didn't wuss out, you just gave all.the attention to us! ;-) lol! I love all the attention! Thanks again! Your kids are all adorable! You couldn't have had a better big brother for the quads! He is great! I am sure you are very proud!

  4. Too fun! I love what you wrote about waking up the babes in the morning! Seriously? You are pretty awesome! I want a kindle as well, but we'll see! We've had quite a few night terrors with K-bug. Not fun! Hope these get fewer and fewer for Will! Hugs!

  5. I love to read too! And I refuse to buy a kindle when the library has free books. This is the one area in my life where I consider myself a purest. I like to hold books and turn the pages and then flip back if I forgot something. Now that my twins are 1, I'm doing a little more reading, but I have a stack of 10 or so books that I haven't read from my mom. I'm better at reading my library books since there is a due date.

  6. I'm with you on so many of these! I love Friends, too...there's nothing like channel-surfing and coming across an old episode. That totally makes my afternoon! :) I used to sing "Smelly Cat" (changed to "Smelly Baby") when the girls were little...HA!

    And I so agree that reading makes me feel like "me". I always have a gazillion things to do during the day - who doesn't? - but if I can sneak in a few pages during naptime, it gives me such a mental break.

    And I love the idea of your kiddos cheering you in the morning! I have a cheering section of two, but four must be even cuter! :) :)