Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Matter of Perspective

When Will was around two years old, he saw his first movie at home and fell in love with it. It was Dumbo. He loved this movie and would watch it as often as we would allow. I had seen the movie as a child, but it was a whole new experience for me to watch it as a mother-- specifically a mother who had struggled with infertility. The opening scene can move me to tears if I am feeling sensitive. The storks are delivering babies to all the circus animals. Mrs. Jumbo (Dumbo's mom) watches each little bundle drop hopeful that this little baby is for her only to be disappointed to see the baby go to someone else. She watches all the other animals get babies to cuddle while her arms remain empty. Finally, her stork (who had gotten lost) finds her and delivers little Jumbo Jr. (Dumbo.) Yeah, some of our storks are really bad with directions...

Then we watch Mrs. Jumbo fall in love with her sweet baby. She is fiercely protective when others are cruel to her son. This leads to the scene that makes me cry regardless of my mood. When Dumbo goes to visit his mom in "elephant jail" and she rocks him in her trunk and they play "Baby Mine"? Waterworks every time! Then at the end, when Dumbo is the star of the circus, he makes sure his mom has her own fancy train car. I would make sure to take the opportunity to remind Will that when he makes it big, he needs to remember to take care of Mommy ;o)

Anyway, the point of this long story is that we decided to show the quads Dumbo a couple of nights ago. When Rod mentioned it, I told the babies that we were going to see a movie about a Mommy that prayed for a baby and loved him soooooo much and protected and defended him... I was met with blank stares from all four quads. Then Rod jumped in and said, "Who wants to see a movie about a flying elephant?!?" Everyone started clapping and asking to see the flying elephant.

They'll see my perspective one day...


  1. Oh, this story made me laugh out loud! I haven't seen that movie since I was a child. We must get it now. :)

  2. Oh, this just made me laugh! Hope the babes liked the movie as much as Will did. :)

  3. HA!! (Love your new banner, btw!) ;)