Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

As the crew gets older and bigger, it is crazy how much is changing around here. One big difference is when we take everyone out somewhere, we no longer discuss which stroller to take. We instead decide if we are going to use a stroller. We have taken a few outings completely stroller free. This is a whole new world for us! Overall, the quads do a great job of staying with us and holding hands (Izzie is having the hardest time, but she is getting better.) Will is a big helper and will often hold hands with one (or even two) of the little ones. So far we are loving this! The quads behave better with a little bit of freedom. They are able to get out and see everything better and interact more with their surroundings (this is good and bad...) One perk to this that we hadn't considered is we are a bit less of a spectacle. We blend in much more and get far fewer comments and questions.
The family walking around the museum center last weekend

Rod is holding hands with Izzie and Paige
Will is holding hands with Julia
I was bringing up the rear with Drew

One downside to this is we do not get anywhere quickly. We only go stroller-free at places where we are going to be doing a lot of wandering. Getting everyone to move their little bitty legs in the same direction is not a particularly fast process, but we are working on it. Lots of small steps for my two year olds, but a really big leap toward growing up!


  1. You have such an amazing family. I love the photos! They remind me of little ducklings.

  2. We've just noticed the same change over here. Like you said, it can be good and bad. It's bad at Wal-Mart, but it's great at the children's discovery museum. :)

  3. Those are great moments in a world of chaos!

  4. How exciting!! I can't even imagine my kids being able to do that, but I guess they are probably getting closer. I guess this is when the "plus one" really comes in handy, huh? ;)

    Keep up with me, Ted, and our Fab Four at four-by-two.blogspot.com.

  5. Love it! I feel the same way! I know my 2 doesn't compare to your 5, but loving the no stroller option! :)

  6. First of all let me say I am IMPRESSED! I was still confining mine almost always at their age. But now I'm finding that I rarely use the stroller. I imagine a few more months and it's time for that baby to go. Maybe I should burn it? Ha ha!

    I'm sure you get a lot less looks too! There's something about even a double stroller - everybody looks. Don't know if you use 2 doubles or a quad stroller but I'm SURE with a quad stroller there's not a soul that's NOT looking! Feels good to feel normal sometimes, doesn't it?