Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Swinging Good Time

This winter has been long. Way too long. That made today even more exciting! It was warm (well warmer) enough to take the crew to the park! It was nice to get out for a little while and let the kids run around. It was really windy, but we were willing to put up with the wind to actually get to spend time outdoors again!

Julia and Paige on the swings

It is incredible to see how much the kids have changed since the end of last summer! My crew has always loved the swings! Our problem is that most parks don't have enough for all of the kids. We used to be able to put 2 quads in 1 toddler swing. We would sit them back to back and put their legs through the opposite holes. No way was that working anymore! I tried with Julia and Paige (the two smallest) and nearly squished them to death! The good news is, they are big enough now that they can sit and hold on on the big kid swings. Paige (always our daredevil) couldn't go high enough. I was a bit nervous with her on the big swing, so I didn't want them to go too high. She kept yelling, "Higher! Higher!" When it comes to physical things, that one is fearless! Now put her in a room with a stranger and it's a different story...
Anyway, everyone had a good time and burnt off some energy. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this is only the beginning and we will see more spring-like days ahead!


  1. Oh we understand not having enough swings at the park also. It always seems they only have 2-3, or the others are taken. We've done the exact same thing with the toddler swings, put 2 in them and let them go. Those swings were two big for just one, so when two were in there they didn't have problems falling back etc... and you can get away with only 2 swings for 4 kids.

    The McCleary Quads

  2. So glad you got to enjoy nice weather foo! We also went o the park yesterday and had a ball! So happy to see spring like weather! Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. We were afraid the park would still be too wet yesterday after all the rain we've had...our girls aren't content just to swing or slide, they also have to run on the soccer fields, which is awesome, except when it's muddy! :)

    We went downtown for some ice cream, and we walked around for close to an was so good to be outside!!!

    I know we're all so ready for SPRING! :) :)

  4. Oh, yes, how we long for warm weather! Love it that you got to go to the park ... we just did a choo-choo walk, but it was good enough. :)

  5. So happy for warmer weather and park trips. My kids love the swings too. Looking forward to more trips.