Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This week my oldest sister's boys are on spring break from school. They live about an hour south of us. Not far, but far enough to keep us from spending as much time with them as we would like. Yesterday they came up for the day and we got nearly all of the cousins (on my side of the family) together to play. My sister Karen and her two kids weren't able to make it and were missed, but we had eleven of the thirteen grandchildren there. We had a great time!
Everyone gathering for lunch

Will and Alex ate at the craft table
All of my kids love little baby Ellie (she is 5 mos old now), but Julia simply adores her!

At one point Eleanor was playing in her Exersaucer and Julia pulled a little chair up to sit near her and play with her.

My favorite picture of the day!

We turned on The Princess and the Frog for the kids and Drew cuddled up with his oldest cousin (Gus, 10) to watch.

How adorable are they?

I love how much my kids enjoy playing with their cousins! They are very lucky to have so many cousins near their age and I hope they remain close as they grow up.

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  1. Oh Beth.....this made me think of my childhood! Awesome!!! Cousins are the best! My 2 don't get to see theirs very much either, but when they do it is fun! :)