Friday, April 15, 2011

Drewser the Bruiser

We have had a fabulous time together this week on spring break! We have taken some trips and really enjoyed being together. I'll post more details about our fun later. Unfortunately, we also had a big scare last night. Yesterday, Rod came home from work early. Will had already planned out the baseball field he and Daddy were going to make in the back yard. He had made the bases out of a cardboard box. Rod and Will went out back to get everything set up and I was getting the quads ready to go out so we could all go play baseball together. I had my head in the hall closet getting the kids sandals. I looked around to check on the kids and saw all three girls playing. Then I saw Drew had somehow gotten out the back door (we have a door knob cover on the door) and was standing on the back deck. I turned and closed the closet door. In that second, I heard Rod yell, "Oh crap!" I looked up and I could no longer see Drew on the deck, but I saw Rod running across the back yard. I ran out and found Drew lying on the concrete landing at the bottom of the deck steps, still and silent. Fortunately, by the time I reached him, he had started crying. I was still scared, but the silence was terrifying. Rod got to him before I did and picked him up. He was screaming and crying, but not actually bleeding that much. We brought him in and checked him out. He had several bumps and bruises around his left eye, but really that was it. I gave him some Motrin and put ice on his boo-boos. Once he had calmed down enough to talk he said, "I want to play baseball!" Well, we figured if his biggest worry was playing on our cool new baseball field, he must be okay. We kept an eye on him for the rest of the night, but he never acted out of character and finally I was able to breathe normally again. Thank God my little man managed to avoid serious injury!
the bumps and bruises around his left eye.

they looked even worse this morning.
Ever since we brought the quads home, Drew's nick-name has been "Drewser the Bruiser." We called him that since he has always been significantly bigger than his sisters. Well, he certainly has earned his title! I still feel so bad that this happened. I have no idea how he got out on to the deck or what made him fall. I'm incredibly grateful that his Guardian Angel was able to pick up where Mommy left off!


  1. Oh my gosh Beth.....I bet you were beside yourself! Bless his heart and yours! So very glad he lived up to his nickname! Hope this weekend is good!

  2. Scary!! Glad you're okay, Drew!

  3. Poor kiddo!! My peapod is always covered in scratches and bruises.

  4. How horrifying! So glad he is okay! Those moments are the worst and so easy sometimes they can happen. We can't watch every little thing 24/7. How high up is the deck?

    I just saw your comment on my blog at the same time - looks like Drew could have used Kaitlyn's magic eraser!